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What Vegetable Dye Can Do To Your Hair?

By: Rima Chowdhury

Have you ever heard about a vegetable dye before? We have heard about a different kind of dye available in the market, and the only thing which is common in all the dyes is that they are extremely harmful to our hair due to the amount of chemicals present in them.

Using chemical-based dyes can destroy your hair to a large extent and also leave it lifeless. Your hair tends to lose its sheen and texture after continuous use of chemical-based dyes.

If you are looking for a dye which is healthy and safe for your hair with no side effects, your search ends here. Vegetable hair dye is the safest option to dye your hair and here are a few hair benefits of the same.

what vegetable dye does to your hair

1. Safe Alternative
Using vegetable hair dye is actually a safe alternative compared to a regular hair dye available in the market. For people who often suffer from allergy after using a hair dye should opt for a vegetable dye, as this is completely safe to be used. There are many benefits of using vegetable hair dye; but one of the most important factors to consider is that it does not damage your hair and is safe to be used.

what vegetable dye does to your hair

2. Does Not Modify The Hair Structure
Using vegetable hair dye helps to retain the structure of the hair. According to studies, it is believed that continuous use of hair dyes does modify the structure of the hair and messes with its texture. Generally, normal dye breaks the molecules and eventually leads to hair loss, which is not the case if you opt to use a vegetable hair dye.

what vegetable dye does to your hair

3. Conditions Your Hair
Like mentioned earlier, all the ingredients that are used in a vegetable hair dye are natural and out of flowers, leaves and fruits available around nature. The ingredients present in the chemical dye tend to condition the hair, which is considered to be a benefit. Using chemical or normal hair dye available in the market can make your hair brittle and harsh, but using a vegetable hair dye helps to give you soft and shiny hair.

what vegetable dye does to your hair

4. Safe To Be Used In Pregnancy
A pregnant woman is generally alert about the chemicals that can affect the foetus and hence she may not wish to dye her hair. There is no such case in a vegetable dye, as it is proved that a vegetable hair dye is extremely safe to be used by a pregnant woman. There are no artificial chemicals in the vegetable dye that can affect the health and it can keep the foetus of a pregnant woman safe as well.

After speaking about the advantages of vegetable hair dyes, its is also important to know a disadvantage of it.

what vegetable dye does to your hair

Vegetable Hair Dye Is Not Permanent
Consider this as an advantage or disadvantage, but the fact is a vegetable hair dye does not go on for longer and is not permanent in nature. It fades out after 8-10 hair washes.
So, if you love coloring your hair just for fashion and for no apparent reason, consider this as one of the biggest advantages of using a vegetable dye.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 19, 2016, 13:00 [IST]
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