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What Happens When You Sleep With Wet Hair?

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Washing hair in the morning is quite a task, and frankly, our hectic time schedule does not grant us that luxury at times. So, we end up bathing at night. The real question that we have asked ourselves at one point or the other is,"what happens when you sleep with wet hair"?

The question to be asked is, "what does NOT happen when you sleep with wet hair".

Your hair is like a rubber band, at least a part like rubber band, with elasticity, which allows it to be stretched upto 1.2 inches when dry and 1.5 inches when wet.

You may think that's a good thing, only it is not. Your hair is at its weakest when wet and all the added stretching can make it even more prone to breakage.

That's right, catching cold is not the only potential side effect of sleeping with wet hair, there are others as wellthat will want you to break the habit for good.

Let's explore what exactly happens when you go to bed with wet hair. And also, listed further are a few tricks you could use to sleep with wet hair. Have a look.

side effects of sleeping with wet hair

Infection Alert
Your pillow is prettymuch a breeding ground for bacteria, thanks to all the sweat, dirt, grime, dead skin cells and saliva that soak up at a time. And the wet, slightly moist environment of your scalp can make for a perfect area for these bacteria to further build on,leading to the only possible outcome - scalp infection!

side effects of sleeping with wet hair

Prone To Breakage
We all know that hair is at its weakest when wet. All the twisting and turning you do can stretch your hair beyond its capacity, eventually causing it to snap. And, not to mention, that this is the cause of that dreaded frizz and split ends.

side effects of sleeping with wet hair

Bad Hair Days
One of the worst side effects of sleeping with wet hair is the damp limp mass of hair you face the next day. A part of your mane will turn greasy, other half excessively dry, with a lot of frizz, and every time you put comb through to smoothen hair out, it will break, making it twice as hard to manage or style your hair.

side effects of sleeping with wet hair

Wet hair means greasy hair and greasy hair can lead to the only possible outcome - flaky dandruff! Also, the excessive moistness of the scalp can confuse the sebaceous gland, which can either go on an overdrive or reduce oil production, by disrupting the natural pH balance of the scalp.

side effects of sleeping with wet hair

Tricks To Sleeping With Wet Hair
• First thing's first, avoid sleeping with wet hair. Part dry your hair and put on a shower cap before going to sleep, to minimise the damage.
• Change your cotton pillow case to satin pillow case. It glides right through your hair strands, reducing friction and making your hair turn glossy.
• Loosely tie your hair up in a bun with a scrunchie to avoid breakage.
• Or, braid your partly wet hair for getting those lush full waves in the morning.

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