Use These Hair Clip Hacks To Style Your Hair Better

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We all own hair clips, don't we? But did you know that you could, may be, be using your hair clips all wrong? If not wrong, then may be you are not making full use of them. That is why we have a few hair clip hacks to help you out, with which you could style your hair better!

You would never be able to imagine the number of ways you could use hair clips and the easy hacks you could accomplish with hair clips.

Some people are actually using hair clips all wrong. But after reading this, you wouldn't be! We bet you didn't know that there could be a wrong or right way of using hair clips too, right? It has seemed like common sense to use it in a particular way.

You can add more bounce to your hair using these hair clip hacks or even do fancy hairstyles when you're all tired of your bangs.

So, keep reading to find out more about how to use a hair clip the correct way and even use hair clips for fun tricks that you didn't know were possible! Here are the hair clip hacks!


1. Upside Down:

Use your bobby pin upside down by putting the wavy side near your scalp and the flat side facing the top. This helps hold your hair a lot better than the way you've been doing it your entire life.


2. Put On Hairspray:

Spray your bobby pin with hairspray to help it stay in place for longer. We all know that the area around the bobby pin starts to get messy by the end of the day. Hairspray will help you avoid this from happening.


3. Butterfly Clip For Volume:

Place a tiny butterfly clip underneath your ponytail to give it more volume, as the butterfly clip pushes the ponytail upwards and gives it a good lift. Bet this is one hair clip hack you didn't know about.


4. Bobby Pins For Lifted Ponytail:

Underneath your ponytail, on your hair tie, put two bobby pins, in a standing, upright position. This is another hair clip hack that could help lift up your ponytail.


5. Bobby Pin Bun:

Did you know that using bobby pins for a bun can actually hold your bun better than a hair tie? Plus, the bun stays on in the exact shape that you had wanted it to be in the first place.


6. Bobby Pins For Bangs:

If you are getting tired of your bangs, just use two bobby pins in a criss-cross formation to pull them back into place with the rest of your hair. This is one of the easiest hacks using hair clips that can help you style your hair better.


7. Bobby Pins For Braids:

Secure your braid by ending the braid with a hidden bobby pin. This helps make sure that your braid stays in place all day long, without any hair getting away. So, try these easy hair clip hacks to have a better hair day.

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Story first published: Monday, December 12, 2016, 11:03 [IST]
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