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Alarming Signs Your Hair Is Falling Out

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Do you freak out looking at your comb after you have run it through your tresses? If yes, then you are indeed sailing in the same boat as more than a million people who are facing early hair loss problems. Beauty experts claim that the sole reason for hair fall is due to the stress we individuals are under.

Apart from stress, it is the wrong diet pattern and certain hair care treatments that we fail to understand. In this case, it is vital to follow only home remedies when it comes to looking after your tresses.

Home remedies don't have any side effects, neither do they have harmful ingredients that will tamper with your scalp's health. If you're looking at ways to improve your hair growth, it is best to obtain natural remedies instead.

Make it a habit to wash your hair only twice in a week. Oil your scalp and the tresses with essential home-made coconut oils, turn to only natural home-made shampoos and conditioners and don't forget to stay away from stress, as it is a silent and deadly killer for health and beauty.

Today, take a look at some of these alarming signs to show that your hair is falling out. If you are a witness to any of these signs, make sure that you do something about it without delaying any further:

hair fall signs

Run your fingers throughout your hair. If by that little touch you are able to feel your scalp, this is the first indication that your hair is thinning out and hence you need to act upon it as soon as you can.

hair fall signs

Bald Spots
Bald spots are a common sign to show that your hair is falling out. In some cases, the spot may seem itchy and red. If you are witnessing bald spots in your hair, it is the time you look at home remedies to improve your hair growth.

hair fall signs

Loose Hair
Sudden loosening of the hair can be quite alarming. If you're witnessing this problem, practice oiling your hair twice in a week. This little problem can worsen if you don't act on it quickly.

hair fall signs

Receding Hairline
This means that your hair is working its way back to your scalp, and this alarming sign is one way to show that your hair is falling out. If you wake up each morning to see stands of hair on your pillow, you should take it seriously and do something about it immediately, as you might be suffering from a rapid hair loss problem.

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Story first published: Friday, January 1, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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