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Natural Medicines For Better Hair Growth

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To have lovely and gorgeous-looking hair, it is a dream come true for every woman. There are certain natural medicines, which when applied on to the hair can make the roots and tresses look fabulous.

According to beauty experts, using natural remedies in the hair is worth it when compared to chemical products that contain harmful properties and give rise to hair fall and other hair-related problems.

Vegetables That Promote Hair Growth

Hair growth in women is a much bigger problem when compared to men; and the reason being, women are more prone to hormonal changes that result in a rapid hair loss.

To improve hair growth, one should make it a point to pamper the roots with the following remedies that have been listed below in the article.

Aloe vera has multiple health benefits, and using the gel of this plant in your hair twice in a month will reduce the hair problems in twice the time.

18 Remedies To Make Your Hair Grow Faster & Thicker

Likewise, using ancient natural medicines like amla and neem paste too can change your hair texture and rate of growth.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of these best medicines to improve your hair growth:


Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera gel needs to be applied and massaged on to the scalp. After it dries, rinse it well with warm water and no shampoo. This treatment needs to be followed twice in a week to improve your hair growth.



Neem paste is good for the scalp. If you are trying to hide your greys and improve your hair growth, neem paste is the solution to the problem. Apply a thick paste of neem to the scalp and when dry, rinse it well with milk water. This natural medicine will treat and pamper your tresses.



Grind to paste 6-7 hibiscus flowers. To this paste, add a little amount of coconut oil and then make it into one mixture, massage the content well on the scalp. Allow this mixture to dry in your hair for at least 20 minutes. Rinse it well with warm water and a mild shampoo. You can repeat this treatment twice in a week.


Curry Leaves:

Eat curry leaves to improve hair growth. At the same time, apply the paste as well as the juice of this leaf in your scalp. The properties present in the juice will pamper the roots, get rid of the dry scalp and itching and promote a better-looking hair.


Onion Juice:

Onion juice has always been one of the best-known remedies to treat your hair right. Rinse your hair with onion juice twice in a week. The pungent smell might be difficult to remove, which is why it is necessary to use a mild shampoo during the second rinse.



Fenugreek leaves are powerful for the hair and can help get rid of any problem. All that you need to do is to boil a handful of these medicinal leaves in water. Strain the water and add one tablespoon of coconut oil to the boiled leaves. Now, grind these leaves with the oil and apply the paste directly on to the hair. Allow the pack to dry and then rinse it off with warm water. This treatment helps to increase hair growth.



The juice of this Indian gooseberry is very essential for the hair. To solve all types of hair problems, use only amla juice to rinse your hair. You can also use the paste of this fruit like a hair pack if you are suffering from hair loss.



The sweet-smelling rosemary is healthy for the hair. Grind this herb to a powdered form and then mix in some rose water. Massage the solution on to the scalp and rinse it well with lukewarm water. Regular use of this medicine will promote a better hair growth.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 29, 2016, 7:00 [IST]
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