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How To Treat Dry Lifeless Hair?

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Keeping the hair in a great condition can be a very tough task indeed. Due to pollution, usage of harsh chemicals, bleaching of the hair, usage of heating tools, heredity and change in weather conditions, our hair can become lifeless and dry.

Dry hair can lead to hair loss and dandruff too and dry hair can not be groomed well. Therefore, it is important to take care of dry hair. Eating a healthy diet also helps in retaining the lost moisture.

Certain food substances boost the moisture in the strands. Foods such as salmon is rich omega-3 fatty acids that add shine to the tresses. Dark green vegetables, vitamins A and C-rich foods and foods rich in zinc like nuts should be included in the diet.

Hair needs a different treatment in cooler weather. Now, it is super easy to maintain dry and damaged hair. All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps that we will be sharing in our Boldsky section today. Read the full article to know more about it.

How To Treat Dry Lifeless Hair?

Don't Wash Your Hair Every Day: Washing hair every day will strip off the natural oil from the hair and make it look dry. Dry hair will further give rise to split ends. Therefore, avoid washing your hair every day, as it helps to retain the natural moisture of the hair.

Avoid Using Heated Tools: Heated tools such as blow dryers and hair straighteners will damage the hair and dry the hair further causing frizziness. Drying the hair naturally is the best way to prevent the dryness and damage to the hair.

How To Treat Dry Lifeless Hair?

Hot Oil Treatment: For dry hair, hot oil treatment provides all the nourishment. It helps to lock the moisture and prevents dryness. Massage your hair with hot oil for a few minutes. Wrap your hair with towel. And rinse off with a mild shampoo. Use this method once in a week for best results.

Banana And Avocado: Banana and avocado mask is best suited to treat dry and damaged hair. Avocado contains natural oils that provide deep nourishment to the dry, lifeless hair. On the other hand, the nutrients present in banana also improve the elasticity of the hair.

How To Treat Dry Lifeless Hair?

Egg Mask: An egg mask is one of the most popular remedies used to treat dry hair. Mix 3 whole eggs with a tablespoonful of honey. Apply this mixture on to the hair. Leave it for sometime and rinse thoroughly. It sure treats your damaged hair well.

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Story first published: Friday, January 22, 2016, 12:28 [IST]
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