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How To Deal With Ingrown Hair

By: Riddhi Roy

Sometimes, hair that is supposed to grow straight up curls back and stays under the skin due to hair follicles in the body getting clogged from dead skin. This results in ingrown hair. It isn't a serious problem. It can just look very bad and be embarrassing. They appear as little red bumps, similar to pimples. Sometimes, the hair that is being blocked can be visible.

The most common areas for ingrown hair are legs, armpits and the pubic region. For men, they can appear on the face as a result of shaving. Shaving and waxing without taking proper precautions can cause these. Hence it is always advised to exfoliate before shaving or waxing.

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how to deal with ingrown hair

Most often, an ingrown hair would go away on it's own. But sometimes, if scratched or picked at, they can become infected and leave scars. Picking and scratching at it is not the right way at all and would only make the condition worse. Here I'll be listing out home remedies on how to deal with ingrown hair and also how to prevent them from happening at all.

how to deal with ingrown hair
  • Use a warm washcloth and hold it over the area affected. The warmth will loosen up the dead skin. Then, take clean, sterilized tweezers and gently pull out the skin. This will not hurt because the warmth will have softened the skin. Moisturise after this.
  • Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial and anti-infammatory properties. Dilute a few drops of tea tree oil with some water and soak a cotton ball with this. Apply with the cotton ball to the affected area. Repeat the procedure twice daily to get the desired result.
how to deal with ingrown hair
  • Make a scrub with baking soda, raw honey and nutmeg powder. Use this scrub daily to exfoliate the area
  • Alternatively, dip a cotton ball into a mixture of baking soda and water. Dab this on to the area twice daily.

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how to deal with ingrown hair
  • If the bump is really really bad, then a topical cream may be suggested by your dermatologist.
  • Use a sharp razor when shaving, as blunt razors can cause chafing of the area.
  • Lastly, look for alternative methods of hair removal, like depilatory creams and laser hair removal.

Ingrown hairs, even though not serious should not be left untreated.

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Story first published: Monday, July 18, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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