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How Safe Is Dyeing Your Hair?

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Greying is the first and foremost signs of ageing that we all look at as a night mare. For some people, greying has no relation at all with their actual age.

No matter what it is, you will love to have that natural-looking black hair. For this, hair dye is the most popular way that will come for your rescue. But, how safe is it to dye your hair at all times?

There are studies that link the use of dyes with even the most deadly diseases like cancer. While considering all these, it is natural that we all doubt how safe is dying our hair.

The health effects of dyes can vary depending on the frequency of the use of the dyes and the quality of the hair dye.

There are different types of hair dyes like temporary, semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes. The action varies depending on the extent of the penetration into the shaft.

Using commercially available hair-dye products that have harmful chemicals in them are the major culprits of adverse beauty effects.

However, there are many natural home remedy options that can give you the desired effects without giving any side effects.

Here, we will discuss some of the most common beauty effects that you will experience due the frequent use of hair dyes of low quality.


Discolouration Of Hair

Will colouring your hair result in discolouration of the hair? The answer is ‘yes'. Frequent use of hair dyes for a longer period of time will result in discolouration of the hair due to the bleaching effect. Hair will become brown or yellowish due to the action of the bleaching agents.


Acne Outbreaks

One of the major reasons for unexplained acne is the frequent use of hair dyes. Resorcinol, present in hair dyes, can affect the normal functioning of the endocrine system, resulting in an hormonal imbalance. This can result in problems ranging from acne to cancer. Now think, is dying your hair safe?



Ofcourse dandruff will cause itching. But, another reason that we often overlook is the use of hair dyes, which will result in allergy and itching of the scalp. This can be associated with burning sensations, redness, flaky skin and skin irritation.


Pigmentation Of The Skin

People who dye their hair, more frequently, often complain about pigmentation of the scalp and skin near the forehead area. The chemicals used in hair dyes are the major culprits here. So, avoid the constant use of poor-quality hair dyes that can spoil your look.


Brittle Hair

After all, understand that applying too much of colouring chemicals on your hair can make your hair more brittle and easily breakable.

This occurs when the moisture of the hair is lost due to the harsh effect of the chemicals. If you're wondering if dying your hair is safe, know this.


Dry Hair

If you feel that it is becoming difficult to manage and set your hair, the major reason for this can be the excess dryness of the hair. This will make the hair static and brittle. This is one of the major reasons why beauty experts don't recommend the constant use of a hair dye.

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