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    Homemade Hair Tonics For Strong And Shiny Hair After Hair Wash


    We all want a shiny, glossy and thick hair, and there is a secret to get them naturally at home. There are some secret hair tonic recipes that you can easily try at home and store these tonics in a jar for further use.

    Hair tonic is more effective than any medicated creams or shampoos, as they get absorbed inside the scalp and promote hair growth. The herbs used in the making of a hair tonic are rich in iron, selenium and other minerals that make your hair healthy, prevent hair fall and add shine to them.

    They are simple to use on the hair. Just rinse your hair with these hair tonics after shampooing and then let your hair to dry. There is no need of rinsing your hair again after that. They will condition your hair, and there is no need to apply a conditioner after your hair wash.

    You will find easy hair tonic recipes here in this article. It will just take a few minutes to prepare them and we guarantee you that you will get a healthy shiny hair by their regular use. Hence, make use of these amazing hair tonics after your hair wash.

    Read on the article to find some amazing home-made hair tonics for strong and shiny hair.


    Nettle Hair Tonic

    Nettle is rich in iron that prevents hair loss and also promotes hair growth. It also prevents and removes dandruff by balancing the production of oils on your scalp. Remember to put on a pair of gloves while handling nettle, as it gives a stinging sensation on the skin.


    Ingredients For Nettle Hair Tonic

    All you need is a handful of fresh nettle leaves or 6 tablespoons of dried nettle, few drops of lavender oil or the essential oil of your choice, 2 cups of water and a bottle for storing the tonic.


    How To Make Nettle Hair Tonic

    Boil the fresh leaves in water for 10 to 15 minutes. In case of powdered nettle, add the powder in water and boil. Cool the water and then add the essential oil. Store it in a bottle and rinse your hair every time you wash. While rinsing, massage your scalp and comb it.


    Horsetail Hair Tonic

    This hair tonic is rich in silica and will repair your hair and prevent hair loss. Silica is also good for thin hair, as it adds more bounce to your hair by thickening it. Silica induces hair growth and also prevents falling of the hair.


    Horsetail Hair Tonic Ingredients

    All you need is a handful of fresh horsetail leaves and some water. Boil the leaves in water for 15 to 20 minutes and then transfer it into a bottle. Just after shampooing, pour the tonic on your scalp and wrap around a wet towel on your hair for 20 minutes.


    Rosemary And Parsley Seed Hair Tonic

    They make your hair dramatically glossy and shiny. They are also effective against hair lice. The combination of these two herbs can act as a natural hair conditioner, which prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth.


    Rosemary And Parsley Seed Hair Tonic Recipe

    All you need is 2 tablespoons of crushed parsley seeds, 1/2 cup of chopped rosemary and water for boiling. Boil the herbs in water for 20 minutes and then pour the contents into a jar. Rinse your hair with this tonic after shampooing. However, don't wash your hair after that but allow it to dry naturally on the hair for effective results.

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    Story first published: Thursday, January 7, 2016, 10:45 [IST]
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