Hairstyles To Try Out This Navratri!

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Navratri brings with it the best outfits and the best makeup and jewellery too. So, obviously we need great hairstyles to go with it, right? This Navratri, try out these amazing hairstyles to look the best you have ever looked.

Styling your hair with Indian clothes can be a tough call indeed because there are just so many options to choose from. Yes, Indian hairstyles happen to be the most versatile. And if all else fails, you can just leave your hair loose.

Loose, straight hair is the most foolproof hairstyle for Indian clothes. But, do not restrict yourself to just that. With so many options to choose from, it would be a pity if you stuck to just safe hairstyles.

These hairstyles may take a little practice, but once you get there, they will be completely worth giving a try during Navratri.

Hairstyles just add that much needed Glam and Sophistication to any look. So, today, we will be sharing with you a few hairstyles that would go with any Indian attire during Navratri.

So, keep reading and do try out these hairstyles for Navratri!


1. Braided Bun:

This is a really elegant hairdo that would go best with sarees. Make a side part in your hair and then taking a section from the top, make a tiny braid with that section. After this, tie all of your hair up in a neat bun.


2. Low Bun:

This is another hairstyle that is great for sarees. Make a bun with half your hair and then fold up the rest like how it's shown in the picture. The highlight of this look is the jewelled clip.


3. Braided Updo:

Make a pouf at the top of your hair by teasing it slightly, and then take a small section from the side and make a braid. Do the same thing on the other side too, and make the two braids meet underneath the pouf.


4. Side Braid:

This is probably the easiest hairstyle idea to try for Navratri. Use a curling iron to make soft waves, and then make a side part. Then make a braid on the side and that's it!


5. Elegant Braid:

This braid can class up the simplest of clothes. Tie your hair in a braid and then pull at each of the braids to get this effect.


6. Messy Bun:

The messy bun can actually look really pretty and classy with both suits and saris. Make a pouf at the top, or else your hair could look too flat. Then, tie a ponytail and bring it together into a bun. Pull at the bun to make it look fuller.


7. Pouf and Waves:

This is a really simple hairstyle to try for Navratri. Make a pouf at the top and make waves at the ends. Dress the look up with a maang tika!


8. Bun With Gajra:

A simple bun can look dressed up using just a hair accessory like gajra. Make sure the one you are using is fresh.


9. Half-Updo:

Use bobby pins to make a half updo, and then use a fancy jewelled clip to cover the pins. This is such a simple yet beautiful hairstyle to try for Navratri.


10. Half Updo With A Pouf:

Make a pouf at the top and set it in with a hairspray. This makes sure that the look stays neat. Finish it off with a maang tika.


11. Middle Parted Half Updo:

This is a really simple hairstyle to try this Navratri. Add a lot of mousse and hairspray for added volume to the hair. And that's it, that's how to do your hair for Navratri.


12. Fishtail Braid:

A fishtail braid can look great for both suits or sarees. Make a braid out of more than three sections of your hair and you're ready to rock that hairstyle for Navratri.

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