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What Happens When You Apply Curry Leafs With Methi To Your Hair?

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Did you know that there are a few easily available kitchen ingredients that can make our tresses appear healthy and radiant? Yes, natural hair packs can be the solution to many hair problems.

The fact is, natural hair products are always much safer and less harsher on your hair compared to chemical-based products that are available in abundance in the markets.

Many a times, even though we are gifted with healthy hair, our lack of time to maintain a proper hair care regime, stress, long hours in the AC, commuting in dust and pollution, etc., can deteriorate hair texture further.

So, it is important to make some time for your hair and follow a strict hair care routine that involves natural ingredients.

Did you know that kitchen ingredients like curry leaves and methi (fenugreek) come with more than 12 hair benefits?

Yes, just add a few curry leaves and some methi into a blender, add some water along with it, and grind it well to obtain the mixture.

Now apply this mixture on to your hair, leave it on for about 15 minutes or so before rinsing it off.

So, have a look at the hair benefits of the curry leaf and methi hair pack, here.

1. Softens Hair

natural hair pack

This natural hair pack has the ability to infuse your hair with moisture and keep it hydrated and soft.

2. Reduces Split Ends

natural hair pack

This homemade hair pack can also reduce split ends, as it nourishes and moisturises your tresses effectively.

3. Makes Hair Radiant

natural hair pack

Both curry leaves and methi are extremely rich in vitamins which strengthen every cell of your hair and make your tresses radiant from within!

4. Prevents Grey Hair

natural hair pack

This natural hair pack has anti-ageing effects, so it boosts the production of healthy hair cells to prevent early greying of hair.

5. Reduces Hair Fall

natural hair pack

This natural hair pack can also help prevent hair fall, as the ingredients provide exceptional nourishment to the hair follicles.

6. Treats Dandruff

natural hair pack

This homemade hair pack has antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria, which cause dandruff.

7. Cleanses Your Scalp

natural hair pack

When mixed with lemon, the natural mixture can help remove the oil and dirt present in your scalp, cleansing it thoroughly.

8. Prevents Dryness

natural hair pack

As this homemade hair pack provides excellent hydration to all the cells of your hair, it can prevent dry hair.

9. Adds A Bounce

natural hair pack

This mixture of methi and curry leaves has the ability to make your tresses appear voluminous and bouncy.

10. Reduces Oiliness

natural hair pack

The natural hair pack can control the sebum production on your scalp, thereby keeping your tresses fresh and oil free.

11. Prevents Hair Loss

natural hair pack

As this natural hair pack strengthens the hair from the roots, it can prevent hair fall and hair breakage.

12. Prevents Frizz

natural hair pack

This mixture of methi and curry leaves can reduce frizziness by making your hair smoother.

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Story first published: Friday, September 30, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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