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Green Ingredients For Better Hair Care

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Hair is a part of the beauty and personality. If you are trying for better hair care, use green ingredients.

This will keep you away from harmful side effects that may affect the health of your hair. Most of these green ingredients are available in your kitchen shelf itself so you won't have to search for it.

There are many external factors that can affect your hair's health. So, it is important to spend atleast some of your time in taking care of your hair.

Making hair care a part of your daily routine is the best thing to deal with almost all of the hair problems.

It is a well-accepted fact that eating a balanced diet can also solve most of the hair issues. Apart from this, you can use some green ingredients directly on to your hair and scalp for an effective hair care regimen.

And for better hair care, use green ingredients to be on the safer side. If you are looking for safe and effective ways to boost your hair growth and nurture your hair, we are here presenting a list of the most popular green ingredients you can use for better hair care.



Avocado has powerful natural oils and proteins that are effective in making your hair smooth and shiny. You can make an avocado hair mask by mixing avocado pulp and peppermint essential oil. Apply this mask after cleaning your hair with shampoo.


Green Tea

Washing your hair with green tea is good for conditioning dry frizzy hair. You can mix lemon juice with green tea to treat oily hair problems. This will make your hair easily manageable and will make it shine better than ever before.


Olive Oil

Olive oil is another natural green ingredient that can nourish your hair. You can use this directly on your hair or can use this to make hair packs. This is one among the green ingredients that you can use for better hair care.



Amla is an essential ingredient for most of the hair care products. Dried and powdered amla is used to make hair masks that can act on your hair and scalp to improve the hair density considerably. This is one among the green ingredients that you can use for better hair care.



Using henna is a traditional way of caring for hair. This will make the hair strong, prevent hair fall, treat scalp itching and make your hair shiny and healthy. This herbal pack can be easily prepared at home and can be used without the fear of any side effects.



Have you ever tried and enjoyed the effect of hibiscus on your hair? If not, try it and you will be a great fan of this natural hair care agent. You can use both the leaf and flower of hibiscus for this purpose. This is one of the green ingredients that you can use for better hair care.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 13, 2016, 19:04 [IST]
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