Essential Diet For A Healthy Long Hair

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Thick, long and shiny hair is a dream of every woman. We all desire for lustrous locks, don't we? Hair has a huge impact on our overall appearance and it certainly enhances one's look.

Good hair can also boost a lot of our confidence level. But, getting the best hair and maintaining it is not an easy job. And we all know how we women love being the centre of attention at all times. So, having a great mane can surely help us get noticed and appreciated.

Hair reflects the health of an individual. Hair requires a proper nourishment. There are a huge variety of foods that are good for your hair.

Including these foods in the daily diet can result in a longer, stronger and healthier hair. One should make sure to include foods that are rich in protein.

Dairy products also contribute to a good hair health. Apart from these, there are a few more foods that you need to include to get a healthy long mane.

Therefore, in this article, we at Boldsky will be listing out some of the foods that you need to include to get a healthy long hair. Read on to know more about it.


Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C is a must include element for healthy hair growth. It helps to absorb the iron. Therefore, include more citrus fruits such as orange and lemon. Citrus-rich fruits strengthen and stimulate the hair growth, thereby improving the overall condition of the hair.


Dry Fruits

Dry fruits and nuts are not only good for health but also for hair. They help increase the hair growth and nourish the hair too. One can choose from almonds, dates, prunes and walnuts. Figs and dates are rich in iron content that helps the hair to grow well.



Fish is loaded with nutrients that can make the hair strong by preventing hair fall. It gives the hair a nice smooth and shiny texture. The rich omega-3 fatty acids present in it is good for the total nourishment of the hair.



Soybean is a best source of protein. The good fats present in it assists in faster hair growth. It contains 40 percent of protein that helps in hair growth and nourishment.


Fruits And Veggies

Fruits and vegetables contain all kinds of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are necessary for a good health and hair. Foods such as sweet potatoes, oranges, banana, garlic and kidney beans provide the much required strength to the hair roots.



Milk contains calcium and iron that promote the growth of the hair. It offers a proper nourishment to the hair. Drinking one glass of milk every day makes the hair silky, thicker, healthier and stronger.



Shrimps are rich in proteins, vitamin B12, zinc and iron. All these elements control hair fall and hair breakage. Including shrimps in the diet is one of the best ways to promote hair growth.

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