Easy Ways To Get Curls Without Using Styling Machines

By: Rima Chowdhury

We all desire to get curls, but looking at the disastrous side of using the styling machine, each one of us opts out of the idea of not styling the hair with curls.

No matter what the brand of your styling machine is and how expensive it is, using styling tools can always harm your hair.

Frequent use of styling devices can damage your tresses and also ruin the texture and quality to a great extent.

Well, if you never opted for styling your hair due to styling machines, here we mention to you some of the easy and natural ways to get curls. Yes, it is possible to get curls without using heat as well. So, have a look.


1. The Overnight Braid

Going for an overnight braid can help to give you natural curls without using any iron rods. Section your hair and weave your hair tight, so that the curls come out bold and beautiful.

If you need smaller curls, you can braid your hair taking smaller sections of the hair. Girls who want small curls can take 1-2 inch sections to braid, and weave it tight. Then, secure it properly using a good-quality rubber band. Upon waking, section your hair and unfold the braids using your fingers.


2. Soda Can Trick

If you have no braiding skills or have no styling machine at home, with the use of soda can you can get soft curls. Use empty cans in the same way you'd use foam rollers. Section your hair and apply mousse to each section.

Now, wrap your hair around the can and secure it tightly using a bobby pin or elastic bands. Spritz some hair spray on and blow-dry your hair. Make sure you blow-dry your hair in low setting before unfolding those strands.


3. Using An Old T-shirt

If you have an old T-shirt, work with it to get bouncy round curls. Wash your hair and dry it using a towel. Now, cut your old shirt into long strips from neck to the hem. The thinner the strip, the tighter your curls will appear. Then, section your hair and start rolling your hair inwards. Tie it till the end and hold the hair. Wait for sometime and unfold the strips.


4. Waves Using Easy Buns

Wash your hair and dry it slightly. Now, detangle your hair and part from the center. Twist each of the sections slightly and form two different buns on two sides of your hair. Allow it to dry for a few minutes and leave it overnight. Make sure you tie your bun tightly, so that it does not open up at night. Now open your buns gently and see those gorgeous waves!


5. Twisting And Curling

Wash your hair and dry it using a soft towel. Now, comb your hair thoroughly, so that there are no clumps. Then, part your hair from the center and twist each section resembling a tight coil. Secure these tiny coils at the top of the head using a clip and do the same with rest of the hair sections as well. Then, allow your hair to dry overnight and unfold the coils in the morning.


6. Rolling

Wash your hair and use a roller. Big rollers give big curls, while small ones give tighter but smaller curls. After washing your hair, blot it using a towel. Now, part your hair, roll it and encase it in a roller. Then, hold the roller for sometime. Repeat doing it several times and leave it untouched for a good 4-5 hours. Remove the rollers gently.

These were few of the easy ways to get loose curls at home. Styling machine can surely give you best results; however, prolonged exposure to heat is extremely bad for your hair.

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