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5 Beauty Hacks To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

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Who doesn't covet luscious, thick hair? But, sometimes, this desire remains too much of a dream. There are too many factors hampering our aim of getting thicker hair. So, we'll be sharing hacks, or shortcuts, to make your hair look thicker, voluminous and like the hair of your dreams!

It is impossible to grow hair to be thicker fast because of science. Our bodies have a certain pace for things to happen. Ideally, hair grows about an inch in a period of two months. Seems slow, right? We know it is, but there's absolutely no way to fight with nature is there?

You can start trying to grow your hair, and along with that use these beauty hacks to make your hair look and feel thicker! If you're wondering how to make hair look thicker, then read on.

Remember, when you're trying to grow your hair, you need to be really patient. One of the key things to remember is to go in for regular trims. Trims help snip away the bad, unhealthy hair so that better, healthier hair can grow at the roots.

So, keep reading to check out our beauty hacks to make hair look thicker!


1. Haircut:

Ask for a layer cut when you get your next haircut. The multiple layers give a false illusion that your hair has a lot of volume. This haircut actually works like magic if you want your hair to look thick. This is the best way to make your hair look thicker.


2. Waves:

Braid your hair up at night into two pigtails using a leave-in cream or curl conditioner before you do this. Wake up to amazing soft waves. Waves tend to make the hair look thicker, while straight hair can look flat.


3. Cover:

Use a black or brown eyeshadow, as per your hair colour, on your part. Parting your hair the same way can make the area look blank and stretched out, but eyeshadow works wonders in covering it up. Try this unique beauty hack to make your hair look thicker.


4. Braid:

When you have thin hair, braiding can be a nightmare because the braid ends up looking like a thin rope, which is a really unappealing sight. So, when you braid your hair, slightly pull it at the sides of each knot you make, so that the braid appears to be fuller.


5. Fringe:

Get a fringe and that's how to make your hair look thicker. A side-swept fringe gives a lot of definition to your face and makes it look like your hair is really thick from the front side. So try this perfect beauty hack to make your hair look thicker in no time.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 20, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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