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10 Foods That Smoothen Dry Hair

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Dry hair??? Isn't it a nuisance? Well, we have a handful of simple solutions you can look into if you want to get rid of your dry tresses.

Home remedies as we all know are very effective in treating hair that is dry with split ends. If you pay attention to the problem now and act immediately, you can say good-bye to your dry hair.


Kitchen ingredients like banana pulp, oats hair mask and olive oil are simply the best. On the other hand, the main reason why we tell you to follow these foods is because they are inexpensive unlike other chemical brands which are available in the market.

So, if you want to try out these foods to smoothen your hair, take a look at the list Boldsky shares with you:


Banana Pulp

Cut two bananas into two half and grind them in a mixer to paste. Now add half cup of milk to the banana. Mix the ingredients well to make a thick mixture. Apply this mixture on your hair as a mask and treat your dry hair.


Oat Meal

Oat meal is another food you can use as hair pack to smoothen dry hair. Apply oat meal to your hair and scalp once in a week to also get a natural shine.


Curd Mask

Massage plain thick yoghurt in your scalp and on your entire hair. Tie your locks to a thick bun and allow the curd to soak in your dry hair for 20 minutes, before you rinse it with warm water.


Egg Mask

An egg is the best you can use on your hair to get rid of dry hair. Using the white of an egg only apply it to your scalp and rest of the hair to treat and nourish it with care.


Milk & Honey

Add a teaspoon of honey to two glasses of milk. Now pour this solution over your hair after the first shampoo wash. Allow the milk and honey to soak in your hair before rinsing it well with warm water.


Strawberry Milk Mask

Strawberries is rich in vitamin C which is why it is another best food to apply in your hair to help smoothen it over night.


Mayo & Avocado

Add one tablespoon of mayo to one cup of avocado. Mix these ingredients well to make a paste. Now apply the mixture to your hair as a mask. Allow it to soak in your hair for 15 minutes, before rinsing it with water.


Fruit Mask

Here are some of the best fruits you can apply on your dry hair to smoothen it. You can either use an apply hair mask, kiwi or grapes too.


Cucumber Mask

Grind one cucumber to a juice form. Now, wash your hair with this juice and after 15 minutes rinse your hair with rose water. This home remedy is the best food you can use to smoothen your dry hair naturally.


Green Foods Help Too

Make a thick paste out of four green veggies. Apply this thick paste to your dry hair once in a week. The high content of vitamin K present in these green foods will help to nourish your tresses.

Story first published: Tuesday, September 22, 2015, 18:03 [IST]
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