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10 Foods For Shiny Hair And Healthy Nails

Looking good and staying healthy together is a great challenge, especially when it is about maintaining your nails and hair. You will find many techniques and chemicals to make your hair shining, but you have to compromise with your hair health in these cases, where you are allowing chemicals to work. The case is same with your nails too.

You need not worry anymore. Here's the happy news! Having shiny hair and healthy nails is easy when you are strict about taking healthy foods in your daily diet.

Keeping yourself healthy from inside is the best way to look beautiful. Keratin is the main composition of the hair and nails that provides the corresponding structure and shape.

You may have noticed that when you experience brittle hair, your nails also seem weak and get chipped off easily. This shows the link between these two. Knowing the most effective 10 foods for shiny hair and healthy nails can be very useful. Including fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients will help you to a great extent.

There are more than 10 foods for shiny hair and healthy nails, which most women find trustworthy. Here, we will discuss the most important 10 foods that will help you get shiny hair and healthy nails.



Iron deficiency is a common problem among women, which can cause thinning of the hair and brittle nails. Including dates in your diet is a good idea to get strong hair and nails.



The high antioxidant content of blueberries removes free radicals and can effectively reduce the inflammation of hair follicles and nails. This makes it one among the 10 foods for shiny hair and healthy nails.



Almond has proteins and magnesium that improve the health of hair and nails. Deficiency of magnesium may cause vertical ridges on the nails and can also lead to increased hair loss.



If you are looking for the most effective foods that help you for shiny hair and nails, never skip soybeans. This is a rich source of proteins and minerals. Taking it on a regular basis can decrease the hair-related problems we often face.



If you are a non-vegetarian, oysters can be a good option for you to look beautiful with attractive hair and nails. It is rich in zinc that can boost hair and nail health.


Vitamin-D Fortified Milk

Milk and other dairy products ensure enough supply of calcium for hair and nail growth. Since calcium needs vitamin D for getting absorbed into the body properly, vitamin-D fortified milk can be more effective in this case.



Egg is a miracle food among the foods that help you get shinier hair and nails. It contains proteins, vitamins and minerals. Also, B-complex vitamin, such as biotin, helps in the formation of keratin.


Green Leafy Vegetables

Nothing can beat the power of green leafy vegetables to keep your hair and nails healthy. Greens such as spinach, broccoli and kale are among the top 10 foods for shiny hair and healthy nails.



Presence of high amounts of biotin, proteins and omega-3 fatty acids can help in retaining the moisture to the scalp, keeping your hair shiny and healthy. This also helps in the healthy growth of nails by preventing inflammations.


Brazil Nuts

Brazilian nuts can help to reduce the oxidative stress of the body and is considered as one of the foods that can help you to have shiny hair and healthy nails.

Story first published: Saturday, December 5, 2015, 15:30 [IST]
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