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Signs You Are Damaging Your Skin

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When it about being beautiful we all know the beauty rules that need to be followed. From toning to moisturising your skin to different face packs and various facials, you would have tried all the tips you have come across.

Sometimes these tips really do wonders and at times they have an adverse reactions which leave your skin blemished and scarred.

However, despite knowing all the rules, we still don't mind experimenting with these tips. Read on to know the signs of damage on your skin that will make you rethink about your skincare routine.


Acne Break Outs

If you are suffering from acne break out every other day despite eating well and following a good skincare routine, then the problem might be in your beauty regimen itself. Studies reveal that over-exfoliating is supposed to be one of the most common reasons for acne. Over-cleansing your skin helps to stimulate the sebaceous glands, which lead to more oil production and this leads to acne breakouts.


Fine Lines And Crow's Feet

Fine lines and crow's feet are the first signs of ageing. If you are getting tiny crow's feet in your late 20s, then be sure to keep a track of your lifestyle and diet. Start using night cream in your beauty kit.


Patchy Dull Skin

Being exposed to harsh UV rays triggers the melanin production. This makes your skin dry and blemishes. Apply good amount of sunscreen to give your skin that healthy glow. This helps to avoid sabotaging your skin.


Black Heads

These are noting but dead skin cells and oil which gets accumulated at the opening of the skin follicle. This results in bumps called comedones. The best way to get rid of them is to cleanse your skin twice a day and exfoliate once a week.


Skin Peeling

Did you know that sun damage is one of the biggest reason for skin peeling. Make sure you apply sunscreen lotion in a gap of every three hours. This keeps your skin healthy and moist and it also avoids peeling of the skin.


Chapped Lips

Lips are said to be the most ignored body part in your skincare routine. The thinner skin on your lips makes them even more susceptible to dryness. Make sure you use a good lip balm to keep your lips moist.


Cracked Heels

Ignoring cracked heels is a major problem as it can lead to bleeding as well. Achieving them is not difficult at all. Keep your feet moisturised by using a good cream which helps in locking the moisture.

These are the few signs of having a damaged skin. If you have any suggestions then comment below.

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