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Reasons Why Over Shampooing Is Dangerous

By: Archana Mukherji
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Most of us have an impression that frequent shampooing keeps our hair clean, tidy and shiny. Many people shampoo their hair everyday stating that they use very mild shampoos which are good for daily use. Unfortunately, researches have proven this to be wrong. Be it mild or strong, studies say that frequent shampooing is dangerous. Many of us are unaware why over shampooing is dangerous. Thereby, is is very essential to know the 7 reasons why over shampooing is dangerous.

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Shampoos are comprised of hell a lot of chemicals, one main ingredient being Sulfates such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). These are great foaming agents and very cheap, thereby used in almost all shampoos and other cleansing agents such as soaps and toothpastes.

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Sulfates have the capability to remove the unpleasant feeling on your hair by removing the oiliness and stickiness. This can make you feel that you are using an excellent shampoo, however, your hair is actually getting spoilt because all the essential oils are being removed. Apart from sulfates, there are also other chemicals used for preservation, fragrance, etc.

This article can, for sure help you understand the 7 reasons why over shampooing is dangerous.



Most of the shampoos contain thickening agents. One such ingredient is sodium chloride or the common salt. These agents cause the scalp to become dry and make it itchy, causing allergies on the scalp and skin. This is a common reaction seen among many people who wash their hair frequently and is one of the 7 reasons why over shampooing is dangerous.


Hair Loss:

To increase the shelf life of shampoos, preservatives such as parabens or formaldehyde are added, which result in excessive hair loss when used frequently. This is again one of the 7 reasons why over shampooing is dangerous.


Scalp Irritation:

The pigments present in the artificial and synthetic colours used in shampoos and hair-care products lead to scalp irritation, over a period of time.


Brittle Hair:

Continuous and frequent use of shampoos containing sulfates cause a long-term damage to the hair. You can feel the texture of your hair becoming dry and brittle. The sulfates strip the sebum out of your hair. The appearance and overall health of your hair gets affected and this is another major reason why over shampooing is dangerous.


Lack Of Hair growth:

The greasing agents used in shampoos do not actually help in moisturizing your hair but in fact, lead to lack of hair growth.


Eye Irritation:

One another consequence of the usage of excessive shampoos is that it leads to eye irritation.



There are many chemicals that are considered to be human carcinogens in the shampoos you use. Excessive exposure to them can lead to cancer of the throat, nose or blood.

Apart from the above mentioned 7 reasons, the over-usage of shampoos can also lead to the swelling of your hands, face or arms. The health hazards of shampoos have also been found to cause lung irritation and over a period of time the carcinogens get accumulated in the liver and several other organs, thereby affecting them as well.

Usage of shampoos to some extent is fine. Over doing anything is always hazardous. The best option to keep away from the health hazards of shampoos is to use herbal products that are always very safe.

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