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Is Your Black Hair Turning Brown?


Is your black hair turning brown? Here are some of the home remedies to keep your locks black and beautiful always. The main cause of your black hair turning brown is because of stress. This health problem is the root cause of your hair changing its natural colour.

When you begin to see your hair turning colours, the first thing you should do is to apply hot oil to the scalp. These regular massages will improve the blood circulation in your hair and strengthen the roots over a period of time. It also depends on what type of oil you use to massage your scalp. Using natural or essential oils is the best to maintain your black hair. The other cause of your black hair turning brown is the exposure of the sun. The sun's UVB and UVA rays are being absorbed by your hair roots and the vitamin D in going inside your scalp and it is sort of tanning your hair. So, the next time you decide to step into the sun, cover your delicate locks with a fancy hat.

Here are some of the hair care tips you can look into if your black hair is turning brown:


Turn To Leave In Conditioner

If your hair is changing colour, you need to pay attention to the product you are using that is causing the problem. If it is your shampoo, coat your hair with a natural leave in post your head bath. It acts as a layer to protect your beautiful black tresses.


Massage With Oil

Massaging your head with oil is one of the perfect ways to looks after your black hair that is turning brown. Oils to be used - coconut oil or almond oil. Massage the scalp of your head from the roots to the tip.


Use Only Natural Shampoo

Natural shampoo is the only key to solve your problem. If your hair is turning black to light brown, use shampoos which help to retain your hair colour. Gooseberry shampoo is the best natural shampoo to use.


Avoid Chemical Products

Chemical products harm your hair in a lot of ways. For one, turning your black hair to light brown is the first thing chemicals do to your hair. The next is greying followed by rapid hair fall.


Use A Healthy Hair Mask

Healthy masks should be used on your hair to strengthen your roots. Use masks made from egg as it has a higher protein level, enough to retain your black hair colour.


Use Henna Instead Of Dye

Henna is a safer and better option for you to use when your black hair is changing to light brown. Henna is natural and doesn't contain any side effects too. The other advantage is this ingredient also helps to reduce stress and is also good for the eyes, considering it acts as a cooling agent for the body.


Avoid Hot Baths

If your black hair is turning light brown then it could be due to your regular hot baths. Having a hot bath can in time remove the natural oils and texture from your hair leaving it dry and rough.


Avoid The Sun!

The sun plays havoc when it comes to draining the colour from your hair. The sun's UVB and UVA rays are being absorbed by your hair roots and the vitamin D in going inside your scalp. In lay man terms, it is tanning your hair!


Give Your Hair A Beer Blush

Beer is another home remedy you can use to add volume to your hair. Beer is one of the main hair care tips to reduce the natural hair colour from draining out.


Coffee Helps To Cover The Colour

Once in a week, give your hair a coffee rinse. To one cup of coffee add a little yogurt (if you want shine). Mix these two ingredients well and rinse your hair with it.


Rinse Your Hair With Vinegar

When your black hair is turning light brown, make sure you give your hair a rinse with white vinegar. This home remedy is effective in retaining your hair colour and also lessening the production of dandruff too.


The Power Of Sage Tea

Sage tea also helps darken hair when it is turning a light brown shade in colour. All you need to do is mix it with your leave in conditioner and use it until your hair reaches the shade you want.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 17, 2015, 12:36 [IST]