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5 Fabulous Ways To Pull Off A Fishtail Braid!


Whether you have to rush in the morning or have a lot of time to dress up and get ready, a braid is the only thing that works best in all situations. If you are in a rush, you can simply pull off a simple braid and get done with your hairstyle or if you have enough time, you can pull off a chic braid - may be something like a French braid or a Dutch braid.

And, if you want to get that extra zing and not invest a lot of time in your hairstyle, you can simply go for a fishtail braid. It is one of the easiest braid hairstyles and can be done quickly within a few minutes. Moreover, if you have a bit more of time to spend, you can possibly play around with it and give it a messy, retro, traditional or a French twist and make heads turn as you step out of the house in style!

How To Do A Fishtail Braid Hairstyle?

Materials required:

  • A comb
  • U pins
  • Elastic band
  • Hair serum
  • Hair setting spray

How to do:

  • Start off with combing your hair and detangling it to remove any knots. You can also wash your hair prior to this hairstyle and condition it, then blow dry it. Begin by combing your hair thoroughly and applying a hair serum.
  • Next, gather all your hair together and pull it into a ponytail in such a way that it is positioned at the nape of your neck. You can use an elastic band to fasten the ponytail.
  • Once the ponytail is set, split it into two equal sections - right and the left. This is because fishtail braid is made using two sections, unlike the regular one that demands three sections. You can tie these two sections with small elastic bands for your convenience.
  • Once your sections are ready, you have to start weaving the braid. Using your fingers, take some amount of the hair from the outer edge of one section near the nape of your neck - exactly where you have tied the elastic band.
  • After you have separated a small amount of hair, simply cross it over to the opposite side by pulling it across from the top of the left side to the right side. Do not twist the hair. Just bring it from left to right.
  • Next, take some amount of hair from the outer edge of the right section and bring it to the left side by crossing it over the top of the right section.
  • Repeat this process until you come towards the end of the ponytail. Leave some hair towards the end and secure it with an elastic hair band and your fishtail braid is ready!
  • Use a hair setting spray to fix your hairstyle!

Isn't the process to do a fishtail braid quite simple? All you need is know the right procedure to do it and get the hang of it. And, once you do, there is nothing stopping you from achieving the perfect fishtail braid hairstyle. And the best part of it is that there is more than one way to do this hairstyle. Listed below are some of the variations of fishtail braid that you can try!

Five Ways To Pull Off A Fishtail Braid Hairstyle!

The retro style

You can give a retro look to your braid by giving it a complete side-swept look and then go with the regular fishtail braid.

The traditional way

This type of fishtail braid starts with making a middle partition and then giving it a fishtail look that is let loose at the top and is braided till the end, leaving a very small amount of hair at the end.

The messy look

In this type of fishtail braid, you do not leave any hair at the bottom (towards the end of the braid). In fact, you keep on going with the braid plaits right till the end, even if it means that some tiny hair hangs out of the braid making it look messy - after all, it's the messy braid look! You can also pair this messy fishtail braid look with some side-swept bangs to give your hairstyle that chic look!

The thicker end way

Here, in this type, you can start off with the fishtail braid in the manner in which it has been described in this article and leave a decent amount of hair towards the end and fasten it with an elastic band so that the braid looks thicker towards the end.

The French fishtail braid

In this type, you can start off with taking some amount of hair from the top - crown of your head - just the way in which you start braiding a French hairstyle and then bring it towards the end in the fishtail braid manner.

Essential Tips To Keep In Mind While Making A Fishtail Braid

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