How Often Should You Change Your Shampoo?

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Are you one among those women who believes in the ‘one shampoo for a lifetime' myth? If so, it is high time you change your beliefs. Using the same shampoo without considering other external and internal factors is one of the biggest mistakes that will harm your hair. Switching your shampoo depending on the changing climatic factors and other factors that affect hair health is important.

When it comes to hair care, it is natural for us to be concerned. You may wonder how often it is important to change your shampoo. But, according to experts in the field, switching your shampoo depending upon the factors that affect your hair health will offer many benefits.

Those who use natural shampoos like hibiscus juice may stay relaxed. The concern of switching shampoos is more when you use shampoos that have chemicals in it. This is because of the harmful effects of different chemicals on your hair. Now, let us discuss how often should you change your shampoo.


When Hair Starts Falling

If you feel that your hair is falling and becoming brittle even after constantly using your favourite shampoo, it is a sign that you have to change your shampoo. Try mild shampoo with natural ingredients when you suffer unusual hair fall.


When Taking Medications

While taking medications, it is better to switch to milder shampoos. It is always recommended to go for mild natural shampoos. This is more important when you are applying some medications on your scalp for any infections.


Seasonal Changes

The climate outside has direct effect on your hair and scalp. So, it is important to change your shampoo depending on changing climates.


Lifestyle Changes

A change in lifestyle demands a change in your shampoo as well. You have to switch your shampoo depending on the type of water you use to wash your hair, your diet habits and frequency of hair wash. If you have doubts on how often should you change your shampoo, it important to remember this.


Frequency Of Use

Switch your shampoo depending on the frequency of your hair wash. If you are using shampoo more frequently, use a mild or natural shampoo. On the other hand, if you are not using a shampoo more often, prefer a strong shampoo.


Dietary Changes

Your diet can decide the look and health of your hair. When you eat more fat, the glow of hair will also improve. This will allow you to use shampoo that has less moisturising properties. If you wonder how often should you change your shampoo, know this interesting fact.


Age Change

As your age changes, the nature and health of your hair tend to undergo several changes. If you want to maintain healthy hair while facing age related changes, it is important to switch your shampoo . You can take expert opinion on this matter to get the best results.
Make wise decisions while selecting your shampoo and enjoy happy hair days!

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