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Hot Ways To Flaunt Thy Hot Hair

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Do you think your hair makes you look hot? Well, if you fail to agree with this, then we have a few ways you can style your hair and flaunt it too. Trying out different hairstyles thrice in the year is a start . With this you can opt to curl, straighten, or wring your hair!

Hot Ways To Flaunt Thy Hot Hair | Simple Ways To Flaunt Hair | Hairstyles Tips | Hair Care Tips

If your already blessed with hot hair, don't waste a moment not trying out some of the simple and hot beauty hair tips. Take a look at what Boldsky has to share with you today. You will be amazed to see how we can style your hair to make you look super hot!

Cut Your Hair To Bangs

Cut Your Hair To Bangs - To make a statement style, all you need to do is cut your hair to a style which suits your face shape. Opt for a hairstyle that will enhance your features, making you look younger and beautiful.

Try A Decorated Bun

Try A Decorated Bun- Bun hairstyles have become a raging trend. If you are blessed with long or medium length hair, try a simple bun and decorate it with beads. If you want to go in for something unique, braid your tresses and wrap it into a side bun style.

Twirl Your Hair To A Braid

Twirl Your Hair To A Braid- Braids too have become a fashion trend. From loose braids to tight ones, the lassies are loving it. If you've got time on your hands, try a french braid or a fish tail one. This will add oomph to your look and you will surely end up looking hot!

Leave Thy Hair Loose

Leave Thy Hair Loose - Confidence and attitude is the key if you choose to leave your hair loose. For a messy and hot look, run your fingers through your hair and squeeze the bottom of your tresses. This little tip will make your hair look super sexy, the messy way!

How About A Fringe

How About A Fringe- For ladies who have a round face shape, opt for a sizzling fringe. This hairstyle will not only make you look hot, but it will lessen the years of your age.

Colour Your Tresses

Colour Your Tresses - From streaks to full coverage... try this hot look only if you are confident of sporting it in style. Don't opt for colouring your hair, if you lack the attitude. On the other hand, avoid colouring your hair often as it leads to hair fall and makes the roots weak.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 25, 2015, 13:01 [IST]
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