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5 Ways To Smoothen Your Dry Hair

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The constant switch from the scorching sun to the dry air atmosphere it all takes a toll on your hair texture. Extra care is needed when you have dry frizzy hair. The weather alone does not play a reason for this condition. There are other factors like medical conditions play a vital role too.

In this article we are here to share about the various simple and effective home remedies to get soft and smooth hair in few easy steps. You can carry out right now to get your hair glossy, shiny and radiating with health with these steps. Just raid your kitchen cupboard, fruit bowl, drinks and medicine cabinet to save your lovely locks from looking like dry grass.

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Read on to know more about these unique and easy ways to get smooth hair.

Tropical Treatment
Never add heavy moisturising products when hair is all dehydrated. Dehydrated hair generally lacks lustre and is hard to manage. For a mild hydration treatment apply good amount of coconut milk to the mid-length and ends of your hair. Make sure you do not apply this to roots. This helps to maintain smooth cuticles giving you the ultimate shine.

5 Ways To Smoothen Your Dry Hair

Sweet And Sour
Cider vinegar is the best choice for this treatment. It is a great natural cleanser and it leaves your hair clean. Try this therapy once a month. You can use it instead of shampoo to clear away pollution and extra dirt. This also helps to refresh your scalp.

5 Ways To Smoothen Your Dry Hair

Fruity Touch

You can make this great conditioner at home. You can use some fresh lemon and apple juice for a glossy shine finish to your freshly washed hair. All you need to do is mix a tbsp of apple juice with two tsps of lemon juice. After shampooing and conditioning, apply this mixture to your hair and rinse it after a minute.

5 Ways To Smoothen Your Dry Hair

Dairy Delights

This is a must needed weekly therapy that you need to follow if you have dry frizzy hair. Yogurt and egg mix makes is a great cleanser and a superb protein boost for frizzy hair. Apply this mix on dampen hair from root to tip. Wrap your hair in a bun and leave it to set about an hour before rinsing. Use a gentle shampoo to get rid of egg fragnance.

Tea Therapy

Use chamomile tea to brighten your dull hair and to get relief from an itchy scalp. This home remedy has a calming effect on the scalp. Make a mix using two bags in a cup of water. Wash your hair with this tea. The tea helps to stimulate good hair growth and it reduces hair loss.

These are the few ways to smoothen dry hair. Do share your remedies with us.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 0:42 [IST]
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