Best Remedies To Get Rid Of Static Hair

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Over-styling and frequent use of harsh chemicals on your hair may often leave your hair dry and lifeless. Such practices can even cause static charge in your hair.
Studies reveal that moisturising your hair helps remove the static charge in it. Combing hair after a few intervals may help rectify this problem.

When your hair is plagued with statics, you might find it impossible to hold and maintain a decent hair style. It gets irritating when your hair gets stuck on your cheek or when it stands straight resembling electric shock.

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Maintaining these frizzy and dry hair is a mess overall.
This problem generally arises during winter and cold seasons. Adding the extra dollop of moisturiser helps get rid of static hair but that is still of temporary relief.

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In this article, we are here to discuss about the seven best home remedies that you can try to get rid of static hair. Read on to know more.


Throw Away Plastic Comb

Plastic combs worsen the situation, when compared to metal or wooden combs. So, the next time you face this problem of static charge in your hair, use a wooden or metal comb as it avoids static formation.


Use Hair Serum Or Light Moisturiser

You can use a good hair serum or a good moisturiser at the edges of your hair strands and comb thoroughly. This avoids any kind of friction or static energy formation.


Use Water

Yes, this really works! Dab your hair with some water and comb after it is still moist. This prevents the static charge formation. This is another remedy to get rid of static hair.


Anti-Frizz Cream

Use a good dollop of anti-fizz cream and comb your hair. It makes your hair even and avoids static formation. But make sure you do not use extra cream as it makes your hair look flat.


Keep A Dryer Sheet Handy

You can wrap your comb in a dryer sheet when you are not using it. By doing so, you will avoid the static charge. Try this unique tip to get rid of static hair.



Use a humidifier to keep the humidity levels in control. This avoids drying of hair which in turn avoids frizzy static hair. Avoid using hair dryer to dry hair.


Skip Shampoo

If possible, skip shampoo while cleansing your hair. This avoids making your hair dry and robbing all its nourishment. The natural oils secreted in the hair are lost when you shampoo them. So, avoid shampooing often.

These are the few best remedies to get rid of static hair. If you have any suggestions, then do share them with us.

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Story first published: Monday, November 2, 2015, 21:06 [IST]
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