Trending Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair

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There are many hairstyles that fall under the list of trending summer hairstyles 2013. From braids to top knots, we have a list of fresh new and old hairstyles that are being picked up by the fashionable women these days. There are many hairstyles that women with both long and short hair can try.

During summers, it becomes really difficult to deal with long hair. Thus trying different hairstyles becomes a necessity for a majority of women. Well, there are many trending summer hairstyles of 2013 for women with long hair. So, tying a rough hair bun or braid are not the only ideas for you.

If we look at celebrity hairstyles, you can track en number of hairdos that can be tried on different types of hair. Be it wavy, curls, straight or permed, there are some feminine and chic hairstyles that women with long hair must try! These trending summer hairstyles of 2013 are a hot pick for celebrities too! If you follow celebrity style, many sexy and chic hairstyles like the top knot, beehive, tight buns and wavy loose curls are a hot pick this season. So, why not play around with your long hair and try some tied and loose hairstyles this summer?

Trending summer hairstyles of 2013 for women with long hair:


Braided side bun

Braid hairstyles are trending this summer. Try different types of braided hairstyles like this one. Side braided bun looks chic and also gives a classic look.


Rough curled bun

This loosely tied rough curled bun gives volume and also looks feminine. Let your hair do the talking!


Sculptural hairdo

This tight and super high top knot hairstyle is perfect for women who have straight long hair.


Messy curled hairdo

Nicole curled her blonde hair and looked chic in this hairstyle. Women with curled long hair can try this comfortable summer hairstyle.


Fishtail braid

It is one of the trending summer hairstyles that is chic and looks sleek too! Fishtail side braid is a must try!


Beehive side ponytail

A blend of beehive and side ponytail is something women with long as well as medium hair can't miss! It looks stylish and can be tried over strapless or deep neck cut outfits.


Pinned beehive

Half pinned hairstyle looks cute. Women with a short forehead can try to pin the front hair into a small puffed beehive.


Messy knot

Messy hairdo is a trending summer hairstyle. To add volume to your knotted bun, prefer a rough or messy hairdo.


High puffed ponytail

High ponytail is a sexy summer hairstyle for women with long hair. Puff the front hair and pin it to get this look.


Half pinned open hair

You can't always tie your hair into a braid or bun. Summer evenings can be brightened up with cute half pinned open hairstyle.


Side swept

Women with long straight hair can try this chic and sleek hairstyle. Side swept long straight hair looks elegant on every occasion.


French braid

This is a classic braid hairstyle that can be tried in any season. Accessorise with hair pins and jewellery if required.


Top knot beehive bun

This is a sexy and trending summer hairstyle. Be it Kim Kardashian or Marion Cortillard, this summer hairstyle is comfy and cool. You can pin your bangs or leave it on the sides.


Braided bun

Top knot hairstyle is a summer hairdo. If you want, you can braid your hairstyle and then tie a top knot bun with it.


Side waves

Side wave hairdo looks classic with both Indian and western wear. Just perm your hair or try waves to get this look.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 16:38 [IST]
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