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15 Kitchen Ingredients To Reduce Hair Fall


Hair loss is one of the major hair problems these days. There are many causes of hair fall. From seasonal changes to diet to improper hair care, the causes of hair fall are numerous. There are several beauty ingredients that can be used for hair care. If you think that curd, lemon, oil or boiled hibiscus flowers are the only few ingredients that can be applied on hair, then you are cent percent wrong!

Instead of opting for expensive hair fall treatments, you can try home remedies to treat hair fall naturally. Simple kitchen ingredients can be used to treat hair fall and induce hair growth. Hair care ingredients like amla (gooseberries), castor oil, eggs, curd, vinegar, lemon, mehendi, neem leaves, olive oil etc serve different purposes. For example, eggs, coconut and amla are easily available at home. They can be used to prepare homemade hair packs and treat hair fall.

Neem leaves can be boiled and used to reduce hair fall naturally. It also serves various other purposes like neem leaves have anti-bacterial properties which decreases lice and also treats dandruff. Similarly, onions are also applied on the hair as it is good for hair care.

Fenugreek seeds are often used to treat hair fall and increase hair growth. So apart from getting a hot oil hair massage, you can also try these kitchen ingredients to treat hair fall naturally. Take a look...

15 Kitchen Ingredients To Reduce Hair Fall:


Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds has many hair benefits like, it reduces hair fall, dryness on the scalp, treats dandruff, conditions the hair and also softens it.


Neem Leaves

Neem has anti-bacterial properties that reduces hair fall and also treats scalp infections.



Citrus fruit orange has Vitamin C which is good for treating hair fall naturally. Oranges also cleans the scalp and prevents greasy hair.



Lemon is not just a hair care ingredient for treating dandruff. Lemon juice also fights hair loss and treats brittle hair.



Mashed banana pulp if applied on the hair and scalp treats hair loss and helps get shiny and lustrous hair.



Onions are rich in sulphur which reduces hair fall and strengthens it. Onion also nourishes the hair.



Also known as gooseberries, amla is one of the hair ingredients that reduces hair fall, fights dandruff and scalp infections.


Coconut Oil/Milk

Apart from nourishing the hair, coconut oil or milk helps treat dry scalp. Coconut oil or milk also helps get soft and shiny hair.


Castor Oil

Castor oil is another ingredient which increases hair growth and treats hair fall naturally.



Reetha is known for protecting the black colour of the hair. People use it to prevent grey hair. However, reetha when mixed with curd is a home remedy to reduce hair fall naturally.



Curd is effective for treating hair loss. You can mix curd with other kitchen ingredients like lemon or honey.



Rinsing your hair with milk softens the hair and conditions it naturally. Milk also strengthens the hair from the roots and promotes hair growth.



Garlic has sulphur which increases the production of collagen. This in turn helps increase hair growth and fight hair loss.



Guava is rich in vitamin A that promotes new hair growth. You can use guava with lemon juice or yogurt to reduce hair fall naturally.



Cherries are rich in bioflavanoids that can help treat hair loss naturally. Mash them and massage on scalp.

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Story first published: Friday, November 8, 2013, 18:26 [IST]
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