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When your kid gets gum stuck in his head, what is the first thing you would do to get it out? Most mothers turn to a pair of scissors to cut out the clump of hair on the Childs head, not realising that there are different home remedies to remove gum from hair. When the sticky cotton candy bubble gum gets tangled in your hair, you should look for easy ways to remove the bubble gum. Home remedies like oil or water is some of the common ways which you can use to remove the gum on your hair.

Given below, we have a list of home remedies you can try out to remove the bubble gum from your hair. If you are caught in a situation where bubble gum is stuck in your locks, try out these simple remedies. Take a look at some of these remedies to remove the bubble gum from your hair.

Note: When the gum is stuck on your head, do not try to remove the bubble gum without using these home remedies. The more you try to remove the stuck bubblegum from your hair without the remedies, you will pull out strands of hair along with the gum too. Therefore, be careful when you are dealing with this problem.


Coconut Oil

The best home remedy to remove bubble gum form your hair is by rubbing a little oil on the area where the gum is. Gently massage the strands of hair till the gum softens.


Warm water

If you have bubble gum stuck in your head, wash the area with warm or hot water. Using hot or warm water will help loosen the gum on your hair.



Ice is the best home remedy to remove the sticky gum form your head. Cool ice is placed on the strands of your hair, till you see the hard gum beginning to soften. Once it is soft, peel out the pieces of gum gently.


Blow dryer

If you are impatient and want to get rid of the bubble gum stuck on your hair immediately, try blow drying the strands. When you blow dry the gum stuck on your hair, the gum will soon tend to melt which can be removed easily after that.



For some, the only solution to get rid of the stuck bubble gum on your hair is to rub a little butter over the area. Massage the butter onto the gum and pull it out gently from the hair. In this way, you do not pull out any hair too while removing the gum.


Cooking oil

You can also use cooking oil to remove the bubble gum from your hair. All you have to do is dab a little oil on your hair and comb it out gently. When you comb through the hair, you will also be able to remove the bubble gum.


Soap water

Rubbing a little soap on the area will help to get rid of the bubble gum stuck on your hair. Soap helps to gently remove the gum from the tangled hair in an easy manner.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 5, 2013, 19:03 [IST]
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