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Should You Wash Hair Regularly?

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Wash Hair Regularly?
Why should I wash my hair regularly? This is a common question which everyone has in their mind before taking shower. There are several benefits of washing hair. Hair wash not only keeps the scalp clean but also makes it smell good! During summer, sweaty scalp can spoil your hairstyle so cleaning the greasy scalp is necessary.

Why you should wash your hair regularly?

You should maintain personal hygiene. By washing hair regularly, you clean your scalp and prevent the growth of bacteria. Due to summer heat, the scalp becomes sweaty and if left uncleaned for more than one day, it can become a home for lice, dandruff and bacteria. Washing hair improves hair growth and strengthen roots.

When you should wash your hair?

Although washing hair regularly has many benefits, this doesn't mean that you should unnecessarily wash everyday! Whenever you feel your hair is dirty or brittle, wash with a mild shampoo. Women with long hair find it difficult to wash regularly and this is why they prefer washing twice in a week. When you feel your scalp is stinky just wash it. A sweaty scalp not only stinks badly but also leads to dandruff.

People with thin hair and short hairstyles should hair wash regularly because the natural oils secrete more, thus making your hair look greasy and flat. Women and men with curly, thick and long hair should wash thrice in a week. If your hair gets effected due to dirt or pollution, wash alternate days.

Washing hair regularly ensures better hair care but the quality and quantity of the hair should also be considered. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair and don't forget to use a conditioner. A conditioner sets the hair and forms a protective layer over it.

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Story first published: Friday, March 16, 2012, 11:25 [IST]
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