Unique Hair Styles With Rubber Bands

Posted By: Sneha
Unique hair styles can be created using rubber bands. These bands can be used in various ways to give you a different look. Some innovative hair trends can be made out of a band. Rubber bands are of various shapes and colours. They can add glamor to your hairstyle if they are used in different ways. These days bands are no more used to hold your hair. Various trendy hair styles can be created out of it.

1. Braids With Twisted Rubber Band- Braids are one of the most popular hair trends. Your hair can be styled in a very funky way using it. Braid your hair neatly but do not tie it with a band. Instead start from the top and twist your band all around your braid. This will look like coloured knots in your hair. Choose a bright coloured band so that it gives you a distinct and bold look. The twisted band around your braid makes it an unique hair style. This hairstyle can make you stand out in the crowd.

2. Open Hair Styled With A Band- This certainly is a very unique hairstyle. You have to wash your hair and blow dry it. Then give a side parting to it. Then hold the right portion of your hair and roll it. You have to repeat this on the left portion also. Tie the rolled hair with a colourful band on both the sides. The rest of your locks will be open. This will give you a cute “Minnie Mouse” look.

3. Two Braids Rolled Into A Bun- This unique hair style can be created by two braids. First partition your hair and braid it. Then tie both the braids together. This will give you a big tied braid, something like a knot.. Then twist the braid to make a bun. This big bun can be held with a big chunky rubber band. You can experiment with the band size and colour. Even bands with stones can be used for you to get dressed for a party.

4. The Pony Tail Look- Pony tails are always in fashion. Be it the high pony or the lower one. Nothing like ponytails to add a little drama to your hair make it different. Hold your hair together to make a high pony. Then tie it with a band. Then roll the pony neatly to give it a fine “knotty”look. Tie it with a another band below. This will be a very different hair trend for you to flaunt.

5. The Twisted Bun- Blow dry your before trying this hair style. Your flat straight hair should be held together and twisted till the edge. Then twirl it up to make a round bun. Fix it up with a floral band. Use a big band with a flower attached to it. This will give you a beautiful unique hair style. Make sure that you use leave in conditioners or serum for shiny hair.

The expert fashion tip for women is to not tie your band too hard. This will entangle your hair and will get very messy at the end of the day.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 15, 2012, 15:50 [IST]
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