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Surprising Facts About Dandruff

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An itchy or dry scalp might just tempt you to use an anti-dandruff shampoo or try some other natural remedies. But before you do so, know what is dandruff. Dandruff is the root cause of many hair problems. It causes hair fall and skin irritation. Dandruff on skin can be matter of concern. Before trying different ways to cure it, let us know what can cause dandruff. Let us explore some very surprising facts and get rid of old misconceptions about dandruff.

Not Caused Due To Dryness- Most of us beleive in a popular misconception that a dry scalp can cause dandruff. But, this myth is finally biased as it is not always the reason. In most of the cases, dandruff is due to the growth of a harmless yeast on our scalp. The yeast either feeds on our dead skin cells or the excess oil on our scalp. This leads the skin cells to shed more frequently. And we mistake it to be dandruff.

Dandruff Facts

Shampooing Hair- Most often it is suggested that if we have dandruff, we should not shampoo our hair regularly. But, the reality is far from it. Dermatologists always suggest a mild shampoo for our hair so that it does not take off its natural oils. But if you have severe dandruff, then you should always use strong medicated shampoos and wash your hair regularly with it. A regular hair wash does not allow any fungi or yeast that can cause dandruff to stay on the scalp.

Flaky Itchy- A flaky itchy scalp does not mean that you have dandruff. You may also have skin inflammation or psoriasis. Some chemical products cause allergic reactions on the skin and this leads to a flaky and itchy scalp. So, check and see if medicated shampoos are working well for you or not. If not, then consult a dermatologist immediately.

Dandruff Can Never Be Cured Completely- You can get rid of dandruff only temporarily. That is so because severe dandruff can never be cured completely. Moreover a diet rich in oil and trans fats only increases the chances of getting dandruff again. It is so because they trigger the rates at which the glands produce oil thus causing more dandruff.

These surprising facts can help you fight dandruff in a better way. Many of us are completely unknown of these facts and beleive in the myths or prejudices that are followed by many! So, get up and plan the remedies after knowing whether you are suffering from dandruff or not.

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