Signs Of Damaged Hair In Winter

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The chilly winters are here and so are your damaged hair. Most people complain that their hair becomes dry and damaged during the winters. Obviously, the dropping mercury levels are the real cause of dry hair. However that can be fixed with a good hot oil massage. The real challenge is in knowing that your hair is actually damaged.

This can happen only if you look out for the signs of damaged hair keenly. It does not always have to be split ends in your hair or unexplained hair loss. Some signs of damaged hair are difficult to detect.

Damaged Hair

Losing Lustre: When your hair is unhealthy, the first thing it loses is lustre. Your hair will not shine with the glow of good health if it is damaged.

Split Ends: Next comes the split ends in your hair. Your hair starts developing split ends; literally speaking, the ends of your hair split into two parts. This spoils the shape of your hair and gives it a rough and tattered look.

Slow Growth: As soon as you have split ends in your hair, your hair stops growing normally. The growth of your hair is painfully slow and sluggish. This too indicates internal damage of the hair follicles.

Change Of Colour: When black hair gets damaged, it develops an auburn reddish colour. This is not the natural brown colour of a healthy brunette but an ill-looking brown that indicates that your hair is unhealthy.

Hair In Your Comb: As the bunch of hair in your comb or brush grows thicker, you need to get the hint that your hair is damaged. There can be many genetic causes of hairfall too, but the most common cause is root damage.

Brittle Hair: Hair that breaks easily or is brittle is also damaged. This means that their is a lack of nutrients in your hair and scalp. Basically, your hair is malnourished.

Dry Hair: Dry hair is not the same as damaged hair. However, dryness is the beginning of damage hair. So you need to nip it in the bud.

Thinning At The Ends: Have you ever wondered why your hair looks limp? It is because it is thinner at the ends than at the top. This is the most common sign of hair damage that we miss out easily.

Prematurely Greying Hair: Greying is a natural procedure of ageing. However, if you star greying at 25, there is something wrong with your hair and the good news is, it can be fixed with a little efforts.

Do not miss these signs of damage hair this winter. Are there any other symptoms to know if your hair is suffering from damage?

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