Is Your Pony Making You Lose Hair?

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Hair loss is a big issue of concern these days among women. You must have seen hair coming out on the band with which you had tied a pony. Well a pony tail causes hair loss. You might lose more hair if you have tied the pony too tight. Ponytails causes traction alopecia which means a gradual process in which you lose hair. When you tie the ponytail too tight then tension is placed on the scalp that causes hair breakage and loss. Braids and cornrollers also cause hair fall. Especially people who wear a tight pony over along time are at the greater risk of losing their hair. Lets see how a pony makes you lose hair and what you can do to prevent it.

Wear It Light- You lose lots of hair when you tie your pony tight. This creates a pressure on the hair roots leading to hair fall. This loss is temporary as hair regrows on the same place after a given period of time. But hair loss may be permanent if you have worn a tight pony for a long time on a regular basis. In such cases, the hair follicles get damaged and do not regrow. Traction alopecia can be spotted by a receding hair line. The only process of gaining back hair in such cases is hair restoration.

 Pony Tail Hair Loss

Right Place- Don't wear a pony closer to the top of the head as the tension created by your hair is maximum at the top. To control hair fall its advisable that you wear it lose near the neck. This will reduce the chances of hair fall. And if you want to braid your hair then its better to make it loose. Also while you tie a pony remember to take it out at the end of the day or while you go to sleep. Never wear a pony while you sleep as it increases the rate at which you lose hair.

Also keep changing the place at which you tie your pony. If one day you tie a pony near your neck then tie it somewhere else on the next day. This will not create stress on the hair in the same area and you will lose less hair.

Types of Bands- A pony tail causes much hair fall when you take out the band from your hair. So be very careful about the types of bands you use to tie your hair. Use coated and soft rubber bands to control hair fall. Its way better if you use thick bands as there will be minimal hair breakage in this way.

So if you do not want to lose hair then keep all these points in mind before tying up a pony.

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