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Say Goodbye To Limp Hair

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If you have limp hair then there is nothing to feel sad about it. Many people do have such hair problems. Most of the times they inherit it genetically. Use some easy hair care methods to get rid of limp hair. Get bouncy hair and impress everyone with your lovely locks. The way you style your hair influences the way you look to a great extent. Excessive hair fall and dryness may also lead to limp hair. So get ready to pamper your hair with these natural hair care techniques.

Oil Massage- Mix 2tbsp of castor oil with 1tbsp of coconut or almond oil. Castor oil is an excellent remedy for thin hair. But as it is very heavy and sticky, you must mix it with either coconut or almond oil to lighten its constituency. Go for a hot oil treatment with this mixture once or twice a week. Follow this natural hair care method for a month and get bouncy and thick hair.

Limp Hair

Hair Cut And Care- Go for a hair cut that will make your hair look bouncy. You must also rub some hair mousse into your hair after taking bath and then blow dry it. This will add volume to your limp hair. After you are done with blow drying gently pass the comb through your hair. Do not comb too much as it will only flatten your hair and make it look all the more limp. And it will be better that you stop playing with your hair now as it will turn more dull and limp.

Natural Hair Packs- It is time for some natural hair care. Use some of these natural products as a hair pack to get rid of limp hair naturally.

Ripe Banana: A mixture of one ripe banana and 1tbsp of honey would be ideal to get bouncy hair. Combine these two and apply it as a hair pack. Leave it over for 15-20 minutes and then wash off. You will find volume and shine added to your hair after this.

Avocado: You may also use an avocado mask for hair. Combine together one avocado, 1tbsp of olive oil and castor oil each. Mix well and apply it all over your hair. Leave this for 20-25 minutes only to find silky and voluminous hair after the wash.

Eggs: Go for an egg mask. There is no other better source of protein for your hair than raw eggs. Break two eggs in a small bowl and beat it. Now massage this gently onto your hair for a few minutes using your finger tips. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with beer. Your hair will lose its limpness and gain a shiny and silky texture after this.

Use these hair care methods and get rid of limp hair. If any other ways are known to you, do share with us.

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