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Ways To Keep Hair Pores Healthy

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Hair Pores
Just like you need to take care of your skin pores to have a healthy glowing skin, you need to keep your hair pores healthy for maintaining the long lustrous hair. Healthy hair begins at the roots so, you must know how to care for your hair roots in the best possible way. Hair fall occurs mainly due to hair pore problems. Dandruff, oily scalp, itchy scalp etc are all problems related to the pores on your scalp.

To know more about your hair pores and how keep them healthy, you must try these simple techniques. They are all natural and can be practised at home.

Ways To Keep Hair Pores Healthy:

Hot water bath: Never bathe with steaming hot water. This opens up your hair pores substantially and thus leads to unnecessary hairfall. You must always bathe in lukewarm water. Be gentle when you rub your scalp with water because your pores open up while scrubbing.

Clean scalp: Most of us clean our hair but not our scalp. Even if you shampoo your hair on a daily basis, it does not guarantee that your scalp is clean. You need to scrub your scalp gently with your finger while washing your hair. Pay special attention to your scalp during every hair wash to maintain a clear scalp. Half your dandruff and itchy scalp problems will go away if you clean your scalp properly.

Steam hair: Where hot water damages your pores, steam clears them. Most of us live in the rampant pollution of the cities. This pollution when combined with the grease or oil in your hair can block your hair pores. This greasy layer of filth sticks to your scalp stubbornly. It will not go away with a wash or a scrubbing. You need to steam your hair with a hot towel for this. While hot water can cause hairfall due to enlarged pores, steam opens up the pores just enough to let them breathe. So, the dirt is cleaned but you don't lose too much hair.

Brushing your hair: You need to run at least 100 strokes of your hair brush everyday through your hair. Stunted or slow hair growth is something that everybody is complaining of these days. The main cause of this is dormant hair follicles. Unless you stimulate your hair follicles by brushing your scalp, you cannot have healthy hair that grows long.

Hair acne: Acne on the scalp is often a result of oily and dirty hair. Acne or zits on the scalp are not only painful but they also block hair pores. You must treat them with a shampoo that contains zinc or some other medicated hair product.

These are some of the ways to make your hair healthy from the roots. Do you know any other ways to strengthen your hair roots?

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