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Summer Hair Colours For Men

Posted By: Sneha
Summer Hair Colours For Men
Colouring your hair this summer is a great fashion trend for men. Some men colour only to cover grey hair. While some want their hair to be styled in a unique way. Certain permanent and semi permanent colouring patterns are discussed in this article. These summer hair colouring trends can be adopted when you think of colouring your hair. Hair colours to match your hairstyle are noted. These tips can help while colouring your hair.

1. Covering Grey- Some men prefers hair colours only to cover grey hair. So then you can adopt the semi-permanent method. Semi permanent colours last twice as long as dyes. If you are on the fairer side then 'blonde' can be a very good option. For tanned skin you can adopt summer hair colours like browns, burgundy and walnut. Since your colour does not stay long you can experiment and try different styles

2. Permanent Colouring For Men- Permanent hair colours for men can be a little tricky. With permanent colouring you can not get rid of the colour easily. You should choose a shade lighter than your complexion. Permanent hair colours for men this summer may not be recommended as it contains ammonia which is harmful for your hair. Summer hair colours that are ideal are red, auburn or walnut.

3. Hair Colours Matching Men Hairstyle-

Short Crop For Curls
- The hottest summer trends for men is the short crop look. If you are planing to go for colouring this summer, your hair can be coloured with shades of blonde or brown. If you do not want to go for an entire layering then opt for highlights. Men with curls can choose light shades that softens their curls and give them a stylish look

Straight Hair- Men who have flat straight hair the hair colours are lighter shades of auburn or to get a little wacky red also is an option. Straight hair gelled and neatly combed can give you a sleek style. Men ideally covers grey with the colour black. That too is a very cool summer trend.

Short Spikes Highlighted- Spikes are the ideal summer trends for men. This summer your hair can be groomed with short spikes and highlighted with streaks of walnut, browns and mahogany. This summer you would want a trendy as well as suitable look to beat the heat. Men likes spikes because they are easy to carry and gives you a sporty feel. Spiked hair gelled and highlighted with tints of brown or hazel can make you look like your favorite actor. While colouring choose a brand that suits you as it is very important for your hair care. Also choose a conditioner and shampoo that suits coloured hair.

These are certain fashion tips for men to look 'hot' this summer. Men can groom and style their hair in the above mentioned way to stand out in the crowd.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 14, 2012, 15:49 [IST]
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