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6 Common Hair Care Mistakes

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Hair Care Mistakes
Its not too hard to get a shiny and healthy hair. Most women commit basic hair care mistakes with the best of intentions. You may spend a lot of time each day behind your hair. Most of the times we end up committing various hair care mistakes. It makes our locks look dull and boring. Follow some basic hair care tips to prevent hair damage.

Get to know some common hair care mistakes and try to avoid them.

Shampoo- Too much or too less of shampoo can damage your hair. Our hair contains a natural layer of sunscreen. Regular shampooing can damage this layer and cause hair breakage. Dirt gets accumulated on the scalp if you do not shampoo on a regular basis. This leads to hair fall and damage.

Its better to go for a shampoo on alternate days. Also remember to rinse your hair properly when you wash off your shampoo. These basic hair care tips will help reduce hair fall.

Brushing- Most people commit a common hair care mistake of not combing their hair before a wash. If you comb your hair before a hair wash then it reduces hair breakage to a great extent. You should also make it a routine to run a comb through your hair at least 7-8 times in a day.

Hair Cuts- Cutting hair at a regular interval of 7-8 weeks is one of the basic hair care tips for every woman. Do not wait too long between a hair cut as the end grows brittle. This makes your hair brittle. Too many frequent hair cuts is also unhealthy as it reduces hair growth.

Over Use Of Hair Care Products- Be it serum or a hot oil treatment you should never overdo it. Too much of serum application is one of the common hair care mistakes committed by almost every woman. You should also never apply serum on your scalp as it accelerates hair fall.
Hot oil treatment is good if done once in a week. If overdone, then it leads to severe hair damage.

Towel And Blow Dry- Never blow or towel dry your hair as it roughens up the hair cuticle making it more prone to damages. Let your hair dry naturally as it the best way to do so.

Pony Tail- If you are in the habit of wearing a pony at the same spot everyday then better change it. For it leads to consistent hair fall from the same spot resulting in a shift of hair line. Avoid one of this general hair care mistakes and keep changing your hair style.

Women should keep these hair care mistakes at bay to get healthy hair.

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