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10 Amazing Tips To Ensure That You Have A Perfect Manicure At Home

Getting a manicure done has become quite a trend. Well, we aren't complaining! Who doesn't like to flaunt attractive, perfectly-done nails? It also is a reflection of your hygiene and well-being. But, not all of us have the money or time to spend on a nail appointment. That doesn't mean a parlour is the only place you can get a manicure done at. You can very well pamper yourself and do your manicure at the comfort of your home.

And if that is something that fascinates you, here are some amazing tips to ensure you have a flawless manicure and make the process smoother for you.


1. A Hand Cream To Soften The Hands

A manicure is not only about painting your nails. You need to pamper your nails as well. So while you may not be able to go all-in and match the manicure done at a parlour, a quick trick to soften your hands would be to use hand cream. Wash your hands, pat it dry and put on some hand cream.


2. Use A Foil To Get Rid of The Tough Polish

We all have those days when it is difficult to take that gel, dark or glitter polish off our hands. Well, not anymore! Use a foil to keep it quick and simple. Soak a cotton pad with a nail paint remover and place it on your nails. Now, take some foil and wrap it around your nail. Wait for about 10 minutes and voila! Take off the nail paint with just a single swipe.


3. Give Your Nails The Desired Shape Before The Manicure

Many of us might have made the mistake of filing our nails after applying the nail paint. Do no do that. It can ruin your perfectly done manicure. So, shape your nails before you start.


4. Buff The Nails Before You Start

Another important step in a manicure that we almost completely ignore is buffing the nails. It roughens up your nails and ensures that the polish stays for long. Take a nail buffer and gently buff your nails with a light hand. Remember not to go overboard.


5. Cuticle Pushing Is An Important Step

Don't think cuticle pushing is limited to a professional salon. It is equally possible and important to do it when you are doing your nails at home. To make the process easier, dip your hands in warm water for a couple of minutes. This softens your cuticle. Now, push the cuticles back using a cuticle pusher or an orangewood stick.


6. Try Sealing The Nails To Prevent Chipping

If your nails chip really quicky, try sealing them and you can prevent that. To do that, take a clear polish, wipe most of the polish of the brush. Flip your brush backwards and start from the back of the nail. Set the brush at the tip of the nail and use the back and forth motions at the tip of your nail to seat it. When you are done, apply the base coat all over your nail.


7. Start Painting At The Middle

If you have ever noticed the professional painting your nails at the parlour, you would have noticed that they always start painting the nails from the middle of the nails. This ensures that the polish is spread equally and turns out flawless.


8. Why Not Make It More Fun With A Nail Art!

Don't think you can't do a great nail art by yourself at home. Of course, you would need some practice. So, make the manicure more fun with some fun nail art.


9. Petroleum Jelly Trick To Remove Stains

The area near surrounding your nails can get stained while painting your nails even if you have the most practised hand. To remedy that, apply some petroleum jelly on the stains, let it sink in for a few seconds and scrape it off with a cuticle pusher.


10. The Cold Water Trick

If you want to quickly dry your nail paint and make sure it lasts longer, this cold water trick can come in handy. Let your nail paint air dry for a couple of minutes and then dip your fingertips in cold water for 2-3 minutes.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 11, 2019, 17:54 [IST]