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    Home Remedies For Brittle Nails

    By Riddhi Roy

    We all love to style our nails. But more often than not, our nails tend to be brittle and break very easily. This makes styling the nails really difficult. After all, how are you supposed to style your nails when they don't even grow properly due to their brittle nature?

    There can be many reasons for brittle nails, some of them being a lot more serious than others. Brittle nails are caused due to ageing and over exposure to water. For example, if you are taking really long showers or have to clean dishes everyday, your nails can get brittle. A way to avoid brittle nails while taking a shower is to wear gloves while doing so.

    home remedies for brittle nails

    Sometimes the reasons may be more deep-rooted. Things like anaemia and hypothyroidism can cause your nails to be brittle as well. These diseases often come with other symptoms, like fatigue and weight loss or gain. Nevertheless, consider getting a blood test done just in case. Sometimes the reason can also be fungal infections on the nail bed.

    Whatever the reason may be, brittle nails can be a pain to deal with. They cause a lot of discomfort by chipping and breaking even while we are doing minor everyday tasks. So, here are some home remedies for you to fix brittle nails.


    1. Vegetable Oil

    This remedy is best for people who have nails that are brittle due to too much exposure to water. Apply some vegetable oil on all your nails using a cotton ball. Massage this on your nail for a few minutes. Do this everyday to get stronger, shinier nails.


    2. Shea Butter

    Shea butter is extremely good for the nails and the cuticles. It is deeply moisturising. This is really good if you are just about to style your nails or use some nail polish.

    Massage some shea butter on your nail. This can even be used to push back your cuticles. Be sure to use the cuticle stick very gently to push back the cuticles, in order to not damage your nails or your skin.


    3. Flaxseed Oil

    Flaxseed oil is really rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These are very beneficial for our nails. Massage this oil on your nails and wear a pair of gloves and keep the oil on your nails when you sleep. Let the oil do its work while you sleep. Wash it off the next morning with a very mild hand soap. Your nails will be stronger. Be sure to use a hand cream after washing your hands.


    4. Coconut Oil

    This is the best treatment for nails that are infected. It contains saturated fats that help nourish and moisturise the nails. Warm up some coconut oil and massage it on your nails. Keep massaging for a few minutes; the warmth will help get rid of loose skin around the cuticles.


    5. Lemon Juice

    Lemon juice helps brighten and strengthen the nails. For this, mix some lemon juice with any oil. We suggest argan oil since it is very nourishing. Soak your nails in this mixture. Do this everyday and you will have stronger nails in no time.


    6. Olive Oil

    Thick, warm oils, like olive oil, can help improve the texture and quality of your nails. Soak ten cotton balls in olive oil and wrap one cotton ball around each nail and let the nail absorb the oil. Allow the oil to penetrate your nails and then wash it off with lukewarm water. This is treatment that can be done everyday.


    7. Sea Salt

    Sea salt has many minerals that are really good for healing the nails. This treatment will help soften your cuticles and strengthen the nail bed.

    In a bowl of warm water, add a teaspoon of sea salt and a few drops of your favourite essential oils, like lavender, myrrh or frankincense. Soak your fingers in this water for about fifteen minutes and your nails will get stronger in a few days. This can also act like a home manicure.


    8. Tea Tree Oil

    Tea tree oil is extremely good for nails that have fungal infections in them. So if your nails are getting weak due to infections, go for this treatment. This even helps get rid of any discolouration on the nails, like when the nails turn yellow.

    For this, mix half a teaspoon of vitamin E oil with half a teaspoon of tea tree oil. Apply this on your nails. Do this everyday for about a month to see the best results.


    9. Vitamin E Oil

    If your nails are getting brittle due to lack of moisture, vitamin E oil is exactly what you need. This is a very simple remedy.

    You need to break open or pierce into a vitamin E capsule and let the oil out. Apply this oil on your nails and massage it properly so that the oil sinks into your nails. Leave it on your nails when you go to bed. You will wake up to soft and strong nails.


    10. Castor Oil

    Castor oil is used for strengthening the nails and even to help get rid of any internal infections on the nails. Add some peppermint essential oil to castor oil. Use this to massage the nails.

    The peppermint oil acts to cool the nails down. This gives a very soothing sensation to the nails. Massaging the castor oil improves blood circulation to the nails and ensures that the nails grow to be stronger and even grow faster.

    Follow these tips to ensure that your nails get stronger and shinier and grow faster so that you can style your nails just the way you like. For more amazing tips to be the most beautiful version of you, keep following Boldsky!

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    Story first published: Wednesday, February 28, 2018, 14:30 [IST]
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