The Different Types Of Waxes & Their Benefits

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Waxing is one of the most common and popular forms of hair removal. Most of the women we know use this method as a hair removal procedure. We will tell you about the different types of waxes and their benefits.

Do you feel like your skin gets itchy after a waxing session? You might just be using the wrong type of wax. Now, it is really important to know which wax suits you, because you do book a waxing session religiously once every month. If your skin reacts badly to the wax, it becomes a more painful experience than it is supposed to be.

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Here, we have listed down all the different types of waxes that are available in the market, so that you can know which one suits you best. Beauty is all about experimenting to find out what suits you best, so here are the different types of waxes for hair removal.


1. Regular Wax:

This is the usual lemon and sugar mix that has been used by women for ages and is the most common. This wax does not get tiny hairs out, and you may have to go over the area a few times in order to get all the hair out, which might hurt a lot. For people with sensitive skin, this can cause red bumps and rashes, which might take a long time to subside.


2. Chocolate Wax:

This wax is suitable for people with sensitive skin types, as it tends to get all the hair out at once. It has ingredients like cocoa, soy bean, sunflower oils. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and the oils in it help soothe the skin after the waxing. However, it is more expensive than regular wax.


3. Aloe Vera Wax:

You all know how amazing this almost miraculous plant is for the skin. For people with extra sensitive skin, aloe vera wax is the best way to go. The aloe vera in the wax ensures that the skin remains moisturised and heals after waxing.


4. White Chocolate Wax:

More commonly known as Rica Wax, this type of wax originally hails from Italy. It is a lot more expensive than regular wax, especially since it is imported. It gets out all the hair at once and is a little messier than regular wax. It leaves the skin soft and glowing.

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5. Strawberry Wax:

This is a relatively new form of wax and contains AHAs or alpha-hydroxy acids to leave the skin soft. It is great for plucking out even the tiniest of hair. The fruit acids in it even help lighten the skin tone.

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