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Skin And Hair Care Goals To Follow On The Weekend

From Monday to Friday, our hectic daily work schedule does not leave us with any time to pay extra attention to our skin and hair. Now, when the weekend comes, there is some extra time in hand and that can definitely be spent on taking care of the beauty requirements of the body.

skin and hair care

Beauty requirements of the body include taking care of both the hair and skin. It is during the weekends that you can try to do all possible skin and hair beauty treatments, such that by Monday you end up looking fabulous and throughout the week, you don't put on a dull look.

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So that you can use well all the extra time that you get during the weekend in properly taking care of yourself, here is a list of skin and hair care to-dos that you must try to add in your weekend routine. Doing these skin and hair beauty treatments during the weekend will let you look your best during the entire week. So, go ahead and take a look.

Skin Exfoliation

Skin exfoliation is not an everyday activity. Yet, you should be regular in exfoliating your skin. Skin exfoliation takes time and during weekdays, you might not invest so much in doing that. During weekends, how about using the time to exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrubber? You can use mild scrubber from the nearest beauty shop or prepare one homemade scrubber to do this.

Salon Time

The hectic weekdays do not allow us to land up in the salon or spend time there. So, how about booking an appointment during the weekend? Some skin and hair pampering at the salon during the weekend will revitalize you for the coming week. In the salon, you can go for treatments and services, depending on the present condition of your skin and hair.

Hair Massage And Masks

Weekdays are all about those quick hair wash sessions right before going to work. Your hair needs much more than that. So on the weekend, use the extra time in hand for some good hair massage and follow this by applying a good hair mask. This is not only pampering but it makes your hair ready to bear all the dust and pollution, yet not give up during the week.

Milk Bath

How about a special bath during the weekend? Preparing milk bath is really special during weekends if you have all the right ingredients. Along with milk, you will need some honey, rose petal and Epsom salt. Going for a milk bath is rejuvenating for your entire body. Ensure you let your body enjoy and feel the milk all over and do not rush in that process.

Body Massage or Spa

The constant hecatombs of the week make the body tired and fatigued. Get over the pain, with a body spa or body massage. You can schedule your body spa or massage at the salon. These days, professionals also come home to deliver such services right at your doorstep. Doing this prepares you for the coming week and is also very relaxing.

Nail Care

Now, during the weekend, when you are spending time on the skin and hair, how about spending some time on your nails as well? Men can clean the nails, trim them, file them and also go for some pedicure and manicure sessions. Along with pedicure and manicure, women can plan a good nail colour or nail art that they can carry all along the week. This will also remove existing dirt and dust on your nails, making it feel clean.

Eye Care

Eyes are indeed soft and a special part of the body. Its beauty routine is very different from all your body parts. Eye care, during the weekend, is especially important for those with dark circles or eye bags. While doing this, ensure you use ophthalmologist-verified products alone.

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