How To Remove Hair Down There: Different Methods

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It is a concern of many women to know if removing hair in the pubic region is possible or not. But most of us are very hesitant about what the best method of hair removal down there should be.

With this list on the ways to remove pubic hair, you would get to know which method is best suited for you, and even the pros and cons of every method, because a lot of women shy away from asking these questions.

But, it is really important to know everything you can about every single hair removal method out there. With these ways to shave hair in pubic region, you could make sure to keep the area safe and out of any infection.

This is especially true if you are removing hair in the pubic region, as the area is extremely sensitive, and anything done wrong can go very bad because it is such a sensitive area. So, be sure to know of all the facts before you venture there.

And that is exactly why we are making it easier for you by sharing this post of how to remove hair down there. It can be quite daunting to take a pick with all the different methods of hair removal there are.


1. Waxing

The most common way to remove pubic hair is waxing. It gives you a smooth finish and it lasts for about 2 weeks, if not more. It all depends on the kind of growth you have. The cons of this method are that it is immensely painful and you should not try to do it yourself, and only trust an expert to do it.


2. Shave:

One of the most convenient methods of hair removal in the pubic area is to shave it off. This is safe enough to do at home by yourself. The con would be that many people may suffer from razor burns after doing this. So it is really important that the area should remain well moisturised and exfoliated before you shave it.


3. Cream:

Another method of hair removal in the pubic region would be to use a hair removal cream. Make sure you do not get any of the cream on the inside of the vagina as this can cause infections. This is best if you want to remove hair that is far away from the labia. Also, if you have a sensitive skin, we would not recommend this method.


4. Laser:

If you want to permanently remove hair on the pubic area, it is best to go for a laser hair removal treatment. This is only mildly painful and the effects of it last forever, given the right number of sessions. It can be really expensive though and should be done only by experienced dermatologists.


5. Epilator:

An epilator removes hair in the same manner as waxing does, but with electricity involved. This may not be the best method for women with really sensitive skin as it can cause severe boils because of how painful it is.

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