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Easy Pedicure At Home: Try This Method!

By Shabana

We all pay a close attention to grooming ourselves to look perfect all the time. But we neglect the most important part of our body - our feet.

Our feet serve their purpose of keeping us mobile all the time. And how do we reward them? By neglecting them most of the time?

Well, it's time to start paying more attention to our feet. Let us know details on how to pamper our feet with a good pedicure, in this article.

Our entire day goes about running around and doing errands. We hardly do anything to relieve the stress that builds up in our feet.

Did you know that our feet contain vital nerves that help in functioning of the entire body? This is the main reason why feet massages are so relaxing. It drains out the stress from all the muscles in our body and we feel light.

There is something very relaxing about a foot pedicure. Not only does it drain your entire body of the stress, it also leaves your feet looking like a hundred bucks.

Here is a simple method to do an easy pedicure in the comfort of your home and make your feet sandal-ready in just flat 15 minutes!

DIY Pedicure:

Things you will need:

- Pumice stone, nail cutter, nail polish remover, loofah sponge, nail file, cuticle remover, a moisturizing cream, a herbal shampoo, lemon slices, a small tub, honey, hot water and towels.

Step-by-step Procedure:

1) Clean and cut your nails.

2) Remove any nail polish with a nail polish remover.

3) Fill the small tub with water with a tempearture you are comfortable with.

4) Add the herbal shampoo and lemon slices.

5) Massage your feet with the moisturizing cream for some time.

6) Dip your feet in the soapy water for 15 minutes and relax.

7) Now that the skin and nails have softened, use a pumice stone to remove the dead skin cells on your heels and under the toes.

8) Clean the nails with the brush.

9) Pat dry your feet and use the cuticle pusher.

10) Use the lemon slices in the tub and rub it on the feet to remove any discolouration.

11) Use the loofah to smooth out the dead skin.

12) Mix honey and a little bit of cream if available and rub it on to clean feet, and that's it!

Try this amazing, soothing and easy-to-do pedicure and people will keep wondering on how you maintain your feet so well!

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