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3 Pre-shower Techniques To Rejuvenate Your Skin & Hair

By Dona

Similar to an apple, a bath a day keeps a doctor away. But, have you ever thought about taking daily care of your body and hair by doing some basic regime before bath?

Most of your answers would be a "No" and we know that. Taking a tad-bit care of your skin and hair before everyday's bathing routine would not only keep you feel refreshed but also make your skin and hair healthy and glowing.

We all think that the amount of care we take for our hair and skin is enough and then we droop down our faces as we do not get satisfied with the results. However, we try again and no matter how much we splurge on expensive body care products, the results will still seem unsatisfactory.


Skin Hydration

It is time to throw away all the expensive cosmetic products you have been using till date to hydrate or moisturize your skin. The experts say that these cosmetics are harmful in the long run and totally depending on them would result in the deterioration of your skin and hair.

We have a small technique which you can apply regularly and get the best result. The technique requires ingredients from your kitchen. This scrubbing technique, if followed regularly before your shower, can make your skin hydrated and glowing.


Your regular body shower gel
Iodized salt
Raw sugar


1. Mix all the ingredients together.
2. Rub them in your palm.
3. Apply it all over body and scrub it to remove the dryness.
4. Wash it and proceed with your shower.

For the final step, go in front of the mirror and notice the ravishing change in you.

Pre-shower Hair Conditioning

Firstly, it is recommended to understand that the old-school methods are the best and adding some modern formulas to it can help bring in the desired effect.

We have come with a daily hair care process you can totally maintain if you want your hair to be soft, long and smooth - like, well, you know...Rapunzel!

What You Need:

Tea tree essential oil
Coconut oil
Hair mask (a natural one would do more good)

How To Apply?

1. Take a small bowl.
2. Add coconut oil as per your hair length and requirement.
3. Add a few drops of essential oil (trust us, this is a magical ingredient).
4. Apply and massage it in your hair for 5 minutes.
5. Keep it for an entire night or at least 5 hours.
6. Wash it off with a shampoo. Wait! The procedure does not end here.
7. Apply the hair mask after the hair rinse. We prefer hair masks over conditioners, as they hydrate the hair more and can make your hair healthier.
8. Finally, rinse your hair.

This method will make your hair turn healthier from the roots and softer throughout. We assure you that you can reduce all the hair spa costs if you follow this method.

A Quickie Hand And Foot Conditioning

Do not wash off the hair mask or conditioner from your palms, as you can save it for pampering your palms and feet. Let the conditioner/hair mask be on your palm and you could also apply it to your feet and leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it off.

By doing this post hair wash every day, you can make sure about the happy palms and feet.

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