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Why You Should Use Sea Salt & Not Sugar In A Body Scrub?

By Riddhi

DIY scrubs are oh-so fun to make and to use. Scrubs with sea salt are pretty much the most fun beauty products to make at home. But, here's why you should make your body scrubs with sea salt and not sugar.

Bet you're surprised, as most of you have been using sugar as a base for your body scrubs, right? Sugar may be effective yes, but sea salt is way more effective when it comes to the skin on your body.

Using a sugar scrub on your face is a really good idea, as the skin on the face is soft and gentle. This will help get rid of dead skin cells on the face without being too harsh on the skin.

Sugar scrubs can even be used on the lips and give you amazing results. But, here we will tell you why sea salt scrubs are better for the body.

Sugar body scrubs tend to give you very average results when it comes to the body. Why does this happen? This happens because the skin on the body is a lot tougher than the skin on your face. So, we'd say scrubs made with sea salt would work a lot better on the body.

Here are ten sea salt scrubs you can try to make at home for yourself using other ingredients along with sea salt as the main ingredient.


1. Ginger & Rosemary Scrub:

Mix ginger juice, sea salt and olive oil together in a jar. Add a sprig of rosemary at the top to make the spicy scent of ginger a little more subtle. This scrub will give you a slight tingly feeling because of the ginger.


2. Strawberry Lemonade Scrub:

Now this is an absolutely yummy-sounding scrub. Mix strawberry pulp with sea salt and add the juice of an entire lemon to the mix. To finish up, add a few tablespoons of almond oil to it.


3. Holiday Peppermint Scrub:

Peppermint has a very Christmas-y feel to it. So, why don't you incorporate that into a scrub? Take a little sea salt, add almond oil to it and then add a few drops of mint essential oil. If you want, you can add a little green food colouring to amp it up.


4. Mojito Scrub:

Everyone loves a mint mojito, ain't it? Take a little sea salt, mix it with lemon juice and add a few mint leaves. And there you go, your sea salt body scrub is ready to be used.


5. Lemon Scrub:

This is the simplest scrub on this list. A little sea salt, lemon juice and olive oil is all you need. Mix up all the ingredients and your sea salt scrub is ready.


6. Lavender Scrub:

Lavender is one of the most relaxing scents. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a sea salt scrub with olive oil in it to make this scrub and we're sure this would help you know why sea salt scrubs are better for the body.


7. Orange Scrub:

Try making this refreshing citrus scrub with orange juice and sea salt in it. Orange juice also helps lighten the skin tone.


8. Coconut Scrub:

This is also a really simple scrub. Just mix sea salt with coconut oil and you'll be done!


9. Coffee Scrub:

This scrub works brilliantly against cellulite. Mix sea salt with coffee and olive oil. This helps get rid of the dead skin cells and firms up the skin.


10. Grape Scrub:

Grapes are really good for dry, ageing skin. Mix grape pulp with a gentle soap and some sea salt to make this perfect scrub with sea salt.

Story first published: Tuesday, December 6, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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