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Why Is It Important To Shower Every Day?

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Taking shower every day makes you feel fresh and energetic. However, what happens when you miss out on your shower for days or even a single day.

In this article, we are here to share some of the gross things that happen when you do not take a shower on a daily basis.

To have a healthy start to a day, it is essential we purify our body from the outside. At times, we may feel lazy to have a shower over a particular day, specially during weekends. But, this habit must be avoided.

Let's find out how our body reacts when it is kept unclean for over a day. Using deodorants or wet wipes are not enough to make you feel clean, our body needs a proper shower, even if it is just a 5-minute shower, it does make a change.

So, read on to know more about the gross things that happen when you skip having your shower on a daily basis. We bet you would not miss out on your shower here on after reading this important piece of information.


You Smell Bad

This is not the smell of just your sweat. It is a combination of bacteria that is breeding on the skin and the chemical odours that you would have applied in the forms of deodorants or perfumes. This surely creates a peculiar odour around you.


Acne Pops Up

No matter how healthy you eat, or which best cream you use in the market, there is nothing that can stop acne formation when your skin is not healthy and clean. Unwashed face can be a breeding ground for acne.


Bacteria Multiplies On Your Skin

There are upto 1000 species of bacteria that are living on our skin. Most of these bacteria are healthy ones, as they help keep our skin moisturised and have antimicrobial property. But when you avoid taking a shower, there are chances that the balance of good microbes takes a backseat and harmful pathogens cause skin infections.


Brown Patches Appear On Skin

When you do not take a shower for a few days, there are chances that brown patches can appear on your face. A condition known as "dermatitis neglecta" is caused. This condition means that you are actually neglecting your skin.


Skin Conditions Get Worse

If you have been suffering from eczema or any other skin problem, there are chances that these conditions can get aggravated. So, make sure you bathe regularly to avoid these unwanted problems.


Oily Hair

When you do not wash your hair even weekly twice, there are chances that your hair will look oily, greasy and messed up. For the first few times, dry shampoo and all marketing techniques would work; however, over a period of time, the dirt starts to biuld-up on your hair, giving you a shabby look.


General Dirtiness

Your armpits would start stinking like rotten onions! Yes, though sweat is odourless, the foul-smelling byproducts add to the agony of the sweat odour and your skin starts to flake out, making you look dull and ugly.

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