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What To Do Before A Haldi Ceremony: Brides & Grooms

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According to the ancient texts, there is a significance for every ritual that forms a part of the Indian wedding style, including a haldi ceremony, which is a common ritual that is performed on both the bride and groom's side.

The haldi ceremony is usually done a day before the wedding and, in some cases, two days earlier, depending on the customs of the house. During this haldi ceremony, the main ingredients that are used to purify the couple are turmeric and sandalwood.

These two powerful ingredients are helpful for the newly weds, as not only do they scientifically purify the duo, they also help to treat and pamper the skin right. Haldi is also known for its anti-inflammatory and other healing properties because of which it has become popular as a medicine too.

The haldi is applied on the face, arms and feet, three areas on the body that need much pampering before a wedding. However, there are some beauty secrets every bride and groom should be prepared for before a haldi ceremony.

Since, haldi is one ingredient that tends to stain the skin, it is suggested to use some of these tips before a haldi ceremony, take a look:

What are the ingredients used in the haldi for the ceremony?
It is also called Pithi. The paste is made of chick pea flour, turmeric, rose water and other ingredients.

what to do before a haldi ceremony

Step 1
It is necessary to have a shower before the ceremony begins. This helps to remove the sweat and dirt from the body before the application of haldi on to the skin.

what to do before a haldi ceremony

Step 2
Heat a little olive or coconut oil and apply the warm oil to the scalp and hair. The oil helps the haldi from staining the scalp and, therefore, can be removed while taking a shower.

what to do before a haldi ceremony

Step 3
Apply a little lukewarm oil to your face, feet and hands as well. It will prevent the turmeric from staining your skin. You can also apply some powder to your skin, if you have a sensitive skin type.

what to do before a haldi ceremony

Step 4
After the haldi ceremony and rituals, you can have a nice lukewarm water shower. You can add rose water to your bath to provide you with a natural shine and scent to the body.

Step 5
After taking a shower, refrain from using any moisturiser or cream, since haldi is applied to the skin. This natural ingredient has all the qualities to give your skin the much-deserved pampering that you require before your wedding rituals.

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