Skin Care Habits For The Indian Man

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Indian men don't pay much attention to their skin which is why most of them have multiple problems. When you look after your skin with care, the skin will begin to glow and over a period of time it will start to look naturally healthy.

When you ignore your skin, the skin will soon start to look dull, wrinkled and sad. Today, Boldsky shares with you hunks some of the best and easy skin care tips to keep at your fingertips.

These skin care tips which are dedicated to 'only' Indian men are quite easy and not at all time consuming. These skin care tips on the list are fro all types of skin, and those who have sensitive skin, need not worry about any of the ingredients which are mentioned as all of them will only benefit the skin and cause no further damage.

\On the other hand, the reason why we state that these home ingredients should be used, is because it is inexpensive, therefore, you need not have to worry about visiting a store to purchase those over priced creams and other beauty products.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of the best skin care habits for the Indian man to follow. Do share them too!



Water should be your best friend as it helps to look after your skin unlike any other. Drinking sufficient water during the day will help to make the skin glow. It will cleanse and remove the toxins from the body thus helping the skin to look radiant over a period of time.


Face Scrub

The pollution is enough to make your skin bad. To get lovely looking skin, men should make use of the multiple natural ingredients like aloe vera to use as a face scrub. Aloe brightens the skin and helps to lighten the scars and other marks on the body when used thrice in the week.



Use a good SPF sunscreen to keep the skin safe from damages by sunlight. It is important to apply some sunscreen as it is also helps to keep skin cancer at bay.


Use A Good Moisturiser

Moisturising your face twice in the day is necessary as keeping it dry free will prevent the skin from drying and cracking up. It is preferred to use a lighter one in the day and a heavy moisturizer at night.


Add Thy Fresh Veggies & Fruits

If you want your skin to glow and look radiant, it is important to add fresh fruits and vegetables to the daily diet. Eating foods that have a good water content is important for treating your skin right.


Cut Down That Salt

Indian men consume too much of salt and sugar in their food.Salt makes your face bloated, so it is necessary to consume only a small amount.


Keep The Skin Looking Young

To keep your skin healthy from within it is necessary to follow certain good habits. Sleeping well for 7 hours in a day is important to make the skin look fresh. Working out and keeping physically fit will also benefit the skin.

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