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7 Body Parts You Must Never Scratch, Pick or Pluck At!

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All of us yearn to have a skin that is clear, smooth and blemish-free, right? Well, if you want to attain healthy skin, then you must avoid picking at or scratching your skin too often.

Most of us would have been advised not to meddle with our skin too much, by picking at it, scratching, etc, but many a times, we do certain action unconsciously and these are some of them!

Itchy skin and skin irritation that make us want to scratch our skin is a reaction of the skin to certain foreign bodies or other external stimuli.

So, it is a natural impulse to want to pick at or scratch your skin when you feel the urge to do so, however, if you want a healthy clear skin, you must consciously make an effort to avoid these habits.

There are many beauty tips for clear skin that advise against scratching and picking your skin. So, you must be aware of the skin certain body parts that must never be meddled with.

Here is a list of body parts that must never be scratched, picked or plucked at too often and also learn what happens when you pick at your skin, have a look!


1. Nails

You should avoid plucking out your nails, biting them off, etc, as the skin around that area can be irritated if you do so and it may also lead to stunted nail growth.


2. Face (Blackheads)

Tips to take care of your skin include not picking at the blackheads on your skin, as this habit can infect the area, leaving permanent blemishes!


3. Grey Hair

Pulling out grey hair follicles will not help you in removing that strand permanently, it will grow back again and plucking it out constantly can lead to scarring and infection in the area.


4. Body (Mosquito Bites)

You must completely avoid scratching your skin too vigorously when you experience a mosquito bite, as it can lead to more irritation and inflammation!


5. Face (Acne)

Avoid scratching your skin when you have a pimple or acne and do not pop them, as this habit can lead to permanent scarring, this habit is also a cause for acne!


6. Body (Scab)

Avoid scratching or picking at the scabs formed on your wounds, if you want clear skin, as it may lead to bleeding, infections and scars.


7. Nail (Nail Paint)

Picking at your nail paint can also remove the top layer of your nails, making them dry and brittle.

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Story first published: Monday, August 29, 2016, 17:03 [IST]
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