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7 Beauty Tips For A First Date, Which Actually Work!

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You met this amazing guy at your friend's party last weekend and he has asked you out for dinner. You are extremely anxious, as you want to make a great first impression!

Well, worry not, it is not a hard task to charm the guy you like, on your first date, if you make sure that you follow certain effective tips, especially when it comes to your appearance.

While it is a fact that a man should like you for your personality and tastes and not want to be with you only because he likes your appearance, it is also true that our looks can make a strong first impression!

Before going on a first date, many a times, women tend to get a little nervous and are not sure what they should or should not do, in terms of dressing or makeup.

A first date is a very important occasion, as it may lead to something more, which you have always wanted with the other person.

So, today, Boldsky gives you a few very effective beauty tips to follow for a successful first date, have a look!


1. Keep It Simple

t is advisable not to go overboard on your hair and makeup on a first date, subtlety is charming and a simple, yet sexy, look will work wonders for sure!


2. No Facials

Avoid getting facial treatments just the day before the date because, sometimes, facials can cause acne breakouts and rashes on your face, you do not want that happening, isn't it?


3. Vitamin E Is Key

You can massage your face with some vitamin E oil the night before the big day, so that your skin appears soft and radiant when you are out with your man!


4. Take Care Of Your Nails

Unkempt nails can be highly unattractive, so ensure that you go in for a mani-pedi session before your date, or you can groom your finger and toe nails right at home!


5. Avoid Using Strong Perfumes

Use a perfume which is mild, which has a sweet and refreshing aroma and use just the right amount of it, without over-doing it!


6. Sexy Hair-do

Lose curls, beachy waves, etc, are considered as the best hairstyles for a first date by beauty experts. Try to keep your hairstyle sexy, yet simple.


7. Lip Care

Ensure that you exfoliate your lips the night before and moisturise them well, apply a soft-hued lip colour, with the right amount of gloss - all in efforts to get that goodnight kiss!

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Story first published: Friday, July 8, 2016, 12:48 [IST]
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